WestJet launches AIpowered chatbot named Juliet to help manage your trip

CALGARY — WestJet has launched a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence to help customers book flights, check their status and get answers to common questions, all without speaking to a person.The Calgary-based airline says the chatbot, named Juliet, is the first AI-powered chatbot from a Canadian airline.Air Canada is also investing in AI, while several large airlines in the U.S. and Europe have deployed it via chatbots, machine learning algorithms and facial recognition to verify identification for luggage and boarding.Artificial intelligence is coming for hiring, and it might not be that bad‘They can’t stop it’: Inside the thriving business of selling fake YouTube video viewsThe aviation sector’s investment in AI is expected to grow from US$152 million this year to US$2.22 billion by 2025, according to a report from research firm Markets and Markets.Juliet, available in English and French, is accessible via Facebook messenger and can respond to queries typed her way with the help of machine learning.WestJet plans to establish Juliet on different platforms and add more features, such as voice interaction, which is not yet available. read more

Dont go swimming at Bettystown Beach the waters not fine

first_imgMEATH COUNTY COUNCIL has warned people not to go swimming at Bettystown Beach due to an increase in levels of ecoli and enterocci bacteria in a water sample taken this week.The sample was taken on Monday and the yesterday the council advised people to avoid the water. If people are determined to take a dip, they are advised to avoid swallowing water, wash their hands before touching food and avoid swimming with an open cut or wound.Pregnant women or those with a weakened immune system should just steer clear of the beach altogether, for now.Local Fianna Fáil Senator Thomas Byrne said a stomach illness had been reported to him by someone who used the beach during the good weather.“While there is no definitive connection I am calling on Meath County Council to erect prominent signage advising people of the possible dangers until the advisory is over,” he said.Byrne also called for a full investigation by the Environmental Protection Agency into the cause.The council said higher levels of bacteria are usually short-lived and most bathers are unlikely to experience any illness. However it also said the likely cause and duration is unknown.The water was resampled yesterday and results are due back tomorrow.Read: More than half of you wash raw chicken and that’s really dangerous>Read: It turns out urine is not actually sterile>last_img read more