Somalia UN envoy strongly condemns suicide attack targeting Turkish staff building

The top United Nations envoy in Somalia strongly condemned a suicide attack against an office housing Turkish staff earlier today in Mogadishu which reportedly ended in deaths and injuries. “My deep sympathy and sincere condolences go to the Turkish government, the victims and those who have lost their loved ones,” said Nicholas Kay, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Somalia. “Turkey has been working tirelessly and bravely to help the Somali people over the last few years,” he noted. The UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), which Mr. Kay heads, added that this is one of the several attacks that Al Shabaab has carried out during the holy month of Ramadan. “I condemn all acts of terrorism,” Mr. Kay stressed. He added that UNSOM and international partners “stand firm in our efforts to help the Somali people to enjoy the peace and development they so desperately want and need.” UNSOM, which began operations last month, is tasked by the Council with supporting the Horn of Africa nation as it seeks to build on hard-won gains achieved last year and emerge from over two decades of strife. read more