Revived Feminist ND aims to discuss identity

first_imgIn the hopes of engaging with feminist ideas consistent with the mission of the University, the recently-revived Feminist ND will host their first general meeting of the year in the McNeill Room in LaFortune Student Center from 5 to 6 p.m. Tuesday.Senior Dinuka Cooray, president of Feminist ND, said she wants the club to provide a space to discuss all topics relating to feminism.“Feminism is a word that has a rather negative connotation, and one that has been historically difficult to define,” Cooray said. “… One definition is that it is the movement to achieve social, economic and political equal opportunity on the basis of the sexes, which generally sums up the motivations of our club … We don’t want to limit our discussion because of the political weight carried by the term ‘feminism.’”The club was founded in the 2016-2017 academic year, Cooray said, and its founding students graduated in 2018.“With the busy timing of the spring semester, and with these three wonderful women graduating, the club struggled to transition to the next academic year,” she said. “… I worked with SAO to restart the club for the 2019-2020 academic year.”Junior and vice president of the club Yuanmeng He said the club serves the need for feminist conversations and ideas for the tri-campus community.“This club is all about promoting feminism within the student populations of Notre Dame, Holy Cross and Saint Mary’s,” she said. “Feminism benefits everyone … the term ‘feminism’ is incredibly important, because in the end, what we are fighting for is the sexes to be treated equally and to have equal opportunity.”Cooray said she hopes to create a unique identity for the club outside of existing groups that speak on issues of feminism.“As a new club, we are working through what sort of events to host,” Cooray said. “We don’t want to overlap with similar organizations such as College Democrats or the Gender Relations Center, etc.,  but want to fill spaces that may not be filled, and to collaborate with other organizations when necessary.”The club has no political affiliation, He said, and she wants to retain an apolitical stance.“We do not have a political agenda, but want to serve as a resource for education and advocacy on these topics, hoping to promote intellectual discussion and progress,” He said. “These discussions are hard, but crucial. The point of conversations is not for everyone to agree.”Feminism is not just for women, He said, and members of any gender are welcome.“Our club advisor is male, and we really appreciate the help from him,” He said. “It is a general misconception that feminism is only about female empowerment — it is more about giving equal opportunities to all genders, about freeing all genders from the biases and injustice perpetrated by patriarchy.”Cooray said she believes the Notre Dame community has the potential to foster feminist discussion and thought.“Being a Catholic university, of course, brings about a — I don’t want to say challenge — but it is a unique atmosphere to a lot of colleges,” Cooray said. “But the two terms don‘t have to be exclusive. It is possible for students to be both Catholic and feminist.”Tags: Feminism, Feminist NDlast_img read more

The Coach of Andorra: B&H is a World National Team

first_imgThe selector of Andorra Koldo Alvarez de Eulate addressed the journalists prior to the training of the players, stating that ahead of today’s match they have rested since the past match and that they will most probably have four or five players in defense.“There are no injured players, everyone is ready”, Alvarez said.Until now, the selector of Andorra always gave an opportunity to the younger players.“They are in the selection and there is a possibility that they will play today. We have watched the recordings and we will work on the problems we have. There is a great physical difference between these two selections. Since B&H is playing for the third position, we will probably see the best selection of B&H today. B&H is a world national team, it is enough just to see how many players play in the strongest leagues, that speaks enough of the selection of B&H”.Alvarez reminded that Dzeko scored three goals in the first match against Andorra.“It will be a mistake to only concentrate on Dzeko, B&H has a strong national team, but the forces must be distributed equally. We will play defense, we will attempt to score a goal in the beginning, and maintain the result afterwards”, the selector said.(Source: read more

911 tape and Bryan Nispel testimony highlights Day 2 trial of Provencio assault trial

first_imgby Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Sumner County jurors heard the 911 tape and the testimony of Bryan Nispel, one of the alleged victims of the April 22, 2015 brawl in Sumner County during day two of the Sylvester Provencio jury trial.Provencio, 22, of Caldwell is facing charges of aggravated battery, a level 5 felony and criminal deprivation of a motor vehicle, a Class A misdemeanor. His counterpart Nick Reedy, 33, of Caldwell has already pled guilty.The second day of the trial was highlighted by a 10-minute audio of the 911 tape of Nispel who called from his Dodge Ram pickup during a melee involving Provencio; Reedy; Nispel, 55; and Gregory Schneider, 53, of Caldwell.Jurors also heard the testimony of Austin Townsend, who had been with Provencio and Reedy before the brawl, but left and returned four miles to his home in Caldwell on foot once the fight started taking place.Caldwell physician Jim Blunk and Sumner County 911 Director Marcie Bristor also were called to the witness stand in a full day of testimony at the Sumner County District Court.Nispel was the first witness called to the stand by Sumner County Attorney Kerwin Spencer, who was involved in the melee that night over a year ago.Nispel described a normal day preceding the event in which he was in Caldwell to pick up tomatoes, watch some of a track meet and eventually to Joe B’s tavern where he met of with Schneider to play some cards. He said he had three beers and a bag of chips at the 3.2 establishment.Both Nispel and Schneider left around midnight and proceeded east into rural Caldwell where they lived. Nispel said he noticed a truck that appeared to be stuck in the mud on the south side of U.S. 81. He had a cell phone and drove past them. He called Schneider, who was driving behind him, telling him to stop and see if anyone needed some help.Schneider was driving his wife’s pink Cadillac at the time because his pickup had a flat tire. Nispel said he called a friend who had a chain, and he drove to the next block, made a U-turn and came back. When he got there he rolled down the window and heard Schneider say “that’s a prick way to act for two people trying to help you.”He said at first it appeared as if Provencio and Reedy were fighting and then Provencio had turned to him and started cussing and screaming at him. He said then Provencio charged him where the two exchanged blows. The first hit knocked him in the pickup but he was able to get in a good blow after the second hit, before Provencio hit him a third time. The two ended up wrestling in the mud in the east ditch on the opposite side of the white Toyota pickup that was stuck.Nispel said it was very dark and he could not tell the whereabouts of Schneider but heard him ask if he was all right. Nispel decided he would get back to his truck which was still running and call 911. It was at this point he said on his way back to the truck he was hit in the back twice.He was eventually able to get to the truck and turned it around only to see that Reedy and Provencio were kicking Schneider on the ground, who appeared to be unconscious. Nispel said he used his pickup to knock them into the ditch so they would stop kicking Schneider. He said the two boys fled and got into Schneider’s pink Cadillac and left the scene.Nispel said he got out and saw that Schneider was unresponsive with blood gushing, his head swelling and his eyes rolling in the back of his head. He said he had been a paramedic earlier in his life and had seen victims die who had looked better than Schneider looked at that moment.It was then that Ed Baker and Becky Gonzalez arrived. Nispel said Baker was cooperative but Gonzalez started screaming at him about this being a “little deal and he shouldn’t call the police.” Nispel told Baker to get her away from him. Nispel said he loaded Schneider in the pickup and took him to Sumner County Hospital in Caldwell where emergency personnel were standing by.———Earlier in the day, Blunk testified that Schneider had scalp lacerations, one inch laceration on the nose, lots of bruising, fracturing of his 11th and 12th ribs, arm abrasions, lower abrasions on knees, contusion of the kidneys, problems with vertigo and severe concussions during his three-day hospital stay.  He said Schneider suffered from vertigo and had a severe issue with standing up, and vomited frequently from the concussion. When asked if any of these injuries were life threatening he said the injury to the brain was very serious and could have been fatal.Blunk said he walked with a shuffle for a long time due to balance issues. He suffered from five blunt forces. During cross examination, when asked were any of these blunt forces caused by him getting run over by Nispel’s vehicle, Blunk said it was not.last_img read more