Blanka is the latest and best limited edition Street Fighter diorama

first_imgBack in 2015 BigBoysToys HK convinced Capcom to let it produce a range of limited edition Street Fighter dioramas, with eight planned in total. These were no ordinary dioramas, though, featuring Street Fighter characters in the midst of pulling off one of their special moves. The characters are positioned on an appropriate Street Fighter backdrop based on stages from the games, and include light and sound effects.The first in the series was Ryu, which cost an eye-watering $89.99. Jump forward to today and we’ve got the latest diorama in the series, and it’s arguably the best so far. It’s Blanka, and he’s right in the middle of performing Electric Thunder. $108 for a light-up figure is expensive, but then devoted Street Fighter fans may not care. I have to admit that owning all 8 of the planned figures would be a great collection to have. Yes, it’s going to cost you upwards of $800, and there’s no guarantee they’ll hold their value let alone increase it, but still…they look great.Play-Asia is currently accepting pre-orders for Blanka with the figure set for release on October 31. Tempted? BigBoysToys have not only made the electricity elements of the figure light up, but also Blanka’s eyes and orange hair. This is also a larger figure than the others in the series, measuring 230 x 170 x 130mm, which may account for why the price has been increased to $107.99. You’re also going to need to buy 3 x AAA batteries to power those light-up effects.The other Street Fighter figures to come before this includes Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Guile. Here’s the Chun-Li and Ken figures in action to give you some idea of what to expect (there’s no video of Blanka yet):center_img <>last_img read more