Latest cost of living report shows Mason City still a good value

first_imgMASON CITY — The latest Cost of Living Index Report from the Council for Community and Economic Research shows that living costs in Mason City continue to be a good value. The index is based on six components — housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, healthcare, and miscellaneous goods and services. A score of 100 represents the national average of 268 metropolitan and micropolitan areas. Mason City Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Robin Anderson says Mason City’s score of 89 indicates a lower-than-average cost.  “It just solidifies the fact that North Iowa is a very economical place to live. When you consider our quality of life, having a low cost of living really contributes to that.”Anderson says she was pleased with two components of this latest report.  “We were extremely competitive in groceries, and hopefully our citizens are noticing that when they bring their shopping carts to the checkout lane. We’re also very competitive in the healthcare sector, and when you consider the quality of healthcare that we have here with a top 100 hospital, it’s pretty remarkable that that is such a bright spot as well.”Anderson says the transportation component is something she’ll be watching in the next few reports.  “We’re a little concerned, normally we are competitive in transportation,  and it looked like that was unusually high, so we’ll be watching that to see if that is a trend or if it was just a blip.”The least expensive place to live in the most recent survey was Little Rock Arkansas with a score of 80.4, while Manhattan in New York City is the most expensive with a score of 254.7.last_img read more

Javi Navas: “If we win at Madrid, I dye my hair white”

first_imgJavier Fernández Herranz (Las Navas del Marqués, Ávila, 2-6-91) is one of the Unionist veterans. It is his third season and he lived the ascent to Second B. He scored the victory goal against Atlético Baleares in the first round and gave Guille Andrés assistance against Depor. Javi Navas, end of Unionists. – With the bad start of the League, how important was the Cup?“We’ve always taken it as a prize, we were going to death every game.” We have faced two very powerful rivals, Atlético Baleares and Deportivo. We deserve where we are because we had to eliminate two very strong rivals.– He was in the lower categories of Valladolid, Osasuna and Getafe. What memories do you keep from those years so close to professional football?—Very good, especially in Valladolid. I spent many years in the quarry and got to debut with the first team. In Osasuna I only spent five months. In Getafe the coach of the first team was Luis García and he summoned me several times in the First Division, but he never made me debut.– What led you to make the decision to sign for Unionists in Third down a rung of category when he was already a player with experience in Second B?There was an offer to renew with the Izarra, but I had my mother a little delicate in the town. I wanted to approach home. Unionists called me, they explained their project and convinced me. I think I took a step back to take two steps forward now. “Will there be a cousin?”—If we beat Madrid it would be something unique and we all have to win. The club has said it would have a detail with us.“Have they talked about changing shirts or just thinking about competing and winning?”—We talk about everything, but we only think about being able to play in the Pistas against them and compete.– What about Navas comes only by the people of origin or because someone saw any resemblance to Jesus Navas?“It comes only from the town.” When I arrived in Valladolid the coach was Juan Carlos Pereira and there were three Javis. The one from Valladolid, who had been in the club for more time, stayed with Javi and the name of our town was accompanied by the new ones. I stayed with it and very proud to wear the name of my people on the shirt. “In Unionistas the managers work for the love of the club” “What differentiates Unionists from other clubs?”—Here there are some managers and a work group that do not charge a single euro, they do everything for the love of the club. They are fans that, apart from that, are involved in all the tasks you can imagine: condition the field, anything we need the players … They are very aware of us.– The hobby is a fundamental pillar. How is the communion they have with the stands?-Special. We don’t do it only when we win, also how we lose. This year has been very hard, because we have been down and colistas a long time. It was cold, it was raining, it was snowing, it was freezing and they were waiting for us to say hello. They have also been in the most difficult times and that is why they deserve to enjoy this as much or more than we do.—Many Second B players have to work or think about their future. How is your life outside the fields?—I study English and I am preparing the access to the university. In these categories you have to do more things besides playing football.“What do they tell you these days in class?”– That they are going to put us five and that they hope that it makes a good party. There is much hesitation.—The new single-party Cup system gives smaller teams more chances to surprise, but prevents players from enjoying the second leg on a big stage. Would you have liked to play at the Bernabéu?– Anyone would be excited, is what you dream when you are little. But right now I prefer to play it in a single game in Las Pistas. The few options we have to compete with Real Madrid are playing here. It will be very nice for us to receive Madrid in our field. “I know the field by heart, how the ball bounces and where there are holes” Javi Navas – The coach said after the draw that he only thought of Barakaldo, Real B and Alavés B, his opponents in the League. Do they have that mentality in the locker room? Does it cost that the visit of Madrid does not slip in the head?– In the locker room we don’t stop talking about Real Madrid, why fool ourselves.“Have you been asked for many tickets?”“Yes, many friends have come out this week.” I grateful, but it is impossible to have tickets to please everyone.– Has anyone made any promises in the locker room if they win at Madrid?“We begin by saying that we signed the extension, but then it has been encouraging.” Some have said that the date of the match would be tattooed. And I’m going to cheer up too and if we win I dye my hair white.“Well, they are specialists in tight finals.” The promotion was with a maximum penalty in the discount and the pass against Depor in the penalty shootout …—The philosophy of this team is that Unionists never give up. We have been seen since the first minute that we are in the club and it seems to accompany us in the most important moments. We ascended in 94 ‘, we eliminated Depor, we left the last ball of the draw against Madrid … It seems that we really carry that motto inside the DNA.YUSTE & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Unionist players celebrate with their fans the pass to the 16th of the Copa del Rey after eliminating Deportivo in Las Pistas.YUSTE (DAILY AS) —How did the raffle continue?“He was sitting in the front row next to Piojo, the captain.” Before the draw I was told that I was very nervous. It was a unique opportunity to face Madrid, Barça or Atlético. For us it is a dream to play against Real Madrid.– Some companion has already played against Madrid?—Yes, Gongora already played in the Cup with Murcia and shows us photos covering Cristiano.PEPE VALERO & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Juan Góngora, Real Murcia player, wearing Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt after facing Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey 2010-2011.PEPE VALERO (DAILY AS) —What extra does it give them to receive Madrid in Las Pistas with their audience?“It’s a field with irregular terrain.” We know the dimensions perfectly. It is a narrow field and they are going to be uncomfortable. I have been in the club for three years and I know it by heart. I know where to boot and where not the ball. I know how far there are holes.—As a Sanse player, he faced Valverde and Odegaard. How do you see your season?“Odegaard, in fact, scored a goal for us.” They were players who pointed different ways from the rest. One is happy and proud to see at this level in First to players who have confronted you so recently.– Which player do you identify with?—With Pedro León. I agreed with him in Valladolid and Getafe. He is a player who plays in the right wing, with a natural leg almost always. I think the greatest virtue I have is that with my centers I generate assistance. I remember agree I was young and live training with Pedro. He gave me many tips and I learned a lot from him.– Last year he did not score, but he has scored two goals in the league and the one who gave the classification against Atlético Baleares. What feelings does your performance convey this season?“A little like the team.” I go in an ascending line. It cost me to boot. When the results do not come out everything is more complicated. I am happy and I hope to make a great second round. I always have trouble scoring. The classmates tell me to knock more on the door. Let’s see if I can score a goal for Madrid.JMGARCIA / photographer & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Javi Navas, in the background, in the second round match against Deportivo.JMGARCIA / photographer (DIARIO AS)last_img read more