A cute pain

first_imgBy Mike IsbellUniversity of GeorgiaBaby animals and baby humans are a lot alike in one sense:they’re both cute — well, except for baby buzzards (those thingsare ugly).Baby chicks and ducks, especially, are cute — for a while. Butthey grow into large, mature animals fairly quickly and losetheir cuteness even quicker.Hundreds of baby chicks and ducks and even baby rabbits arebought this time of year and given to small children as Easterpresents. And I can tell you from personal experience whathappens when a child gets one of these Easter pets.Lindsay’s duckMy oldest daughter, Lindsay, was about 2 years old when her PapaBill gave her a baby duck for Easter. Lindsay loved it. As amatter of fact, she almost loved it to death.”Lindsay! Don’t tote the duck by its neck!” we would tell her aswe pried the poor duck out of her tightly clasped hand.For the first week, the duck was small enough to stay in a bigbox in the house, and everything was fine. My daughter loved thatfuzzy little yellow ball with a head and two feet. And I mustadmit, I kind of liked the “cheep, cheep” sound it made.Occasionally changing the paper bedding in the box and makingsure the duck had plenty to eat and drink was about all we had todo to keep it.Ducks growBut as time went on, the duck wouldn’t stay in the box. And if itdid, I sort of wished it hadn’t because of the mess it would makein the box. I guess it was a whole lot better to have the mess inthe box than all over the house.Give a duck enough time, and nature has a definite plan for it.It wasn’t long before the fuzz changed to feathers, the “cheep”changed to “quack,” the cute changed to ugly and the duck wentoutside.An Easter duck outside creates other problems. For one thing, Imust have been firmly imprinted into the heart and mind of thatduck. It thought I was its mama. I couldn’t go anywhere outsidewithout that stupid duck following right at my heels.Finding a homeI carried it to the pond in the pasture behind our house, whereit swam contentedly until it realized I’d left it there. A duckin a big hurry can waddle really fast. It almost beat me back tothe house.And I didn’t dare go outside barefooted. I didn’t like coldsurprises on the bottom of my bare foot.By now, Lindsay had all but forgotten about the duck. So I put itwith other ducks in a friend’s pond several miles away. It stayedthis time.If you’re thinking about giving a baby animal as an Easterpresent, please consider the parents. Ask if they really want oneand if they can and will take care of it.Consider the animal itself. Far too many of these animals arecruelly abandoned. They deserve better than that.Yes, baby animals are cute. But they don’t stay that way.last_img read more

Boskalis to Dredge Port-La-Nouvelle in France

first_imgThe Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region has awarded a contract for the port expansion of Port-La-Nouvelle, in south-western France, to the consortium formed by Bouygues Travaux Publics (lead company) and Boskalis Nederland BV.The total value of the project amounts to €199 million, for an overall project cost of €237 million, forming part of the Region’s program for construction and coastline development.With the dredging completed, the port of Port-La-Nouvelle will provide a draft of 14.5 meters, compared to the 8-meter draft offered by the current port.The port extension will serve the double purpose of developing existing traffic and accommodating new projects, particular in connection with new energies.Bouygues Travaux Publics and its partners will be responsible for the Package 1, consisting of the creation of a harbor by extending the current southern seawall (600 meters long), constructing a northern seawall (2,430 meters long) and demolishing an existing seawall.All the seawalls will be reinforced by an upper layer of Accropodes™ of between 18 and 45 tonnes, pre-manufactured at the site. These very highly resistant concrete blocks are designed to resist the action of waves on the seawalls.According to the contractor, works on the project are underway now with the completion set for mid-2023.last_img read more

Wellington Police Notes: Friday, March 11 – Sunday, March 13

first_imgWellington Police notes: Friday, March 11 – Sunday, March 13, 2016: Friday, March 11, 2016•10:41 a.m. Officers investigated unlawful sewage deposits, nuisance and disturbing the peace in the 700 block S. Jefferson, Wellington by known owner.•10:57 a.m. Officers investigated identity yheft in the 1100 block N. Poplar, Wellington.•1:13 p.m. Officers took a report of found wallet in the 2000 block E. 16th, Wellington. It was returned to owner.•8:05 p.m. Officers investigated criminal restraint and domestic battery by known suspect(s) in the 700 block S. Washington, Wellington.Saturday, March 12, 2016•4:50 a.m. Joseph S. Jackson, 37, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for speeding 79 mph in a 55mph zone.•5:34 a.m. Ebony R. Bray, 36, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for no proof of insurance.•10:44 a.m. Officers took a report of found bicycle in the 900 block S. Washington, Wellington.•1:05 p.m. Officers investigated a theft of a bicycle in the 800 block S. Washington, Wellington. It was located and returned to owner.•7:35 p.m. Chelsie C. Zavala, 25, Wichita, was issued a notice to appear for speeding 46 mph in a 35 mph zone.•7:45 p.m. David L. Monger, 45, Belle Plaine, was issued a notice for disobeyed stop sign.•11:10 p.m. David C. Brody, 63, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for disobeyed stop sign.Sunday, March 13, 2016•3:42 p.m. Officers investigated a theft in the 1100 block N. A, Wellington.•5 p.m. Officers investigated possession of a controlled substance, possession of a depressant and possession of drug paraphernalia.•5:07 p.m. Zane J D Deffenbaugh, 22, Wellington was arrested, charged and confined with theft.•5:07 p.m. Zane J D Deffenbaugh, 22, Wellington was arrested, charged and confined with possession of a controlled substance, possession of a depressant and possession of drug paraphernalia.•8:06 p.m. Earl. G. Hummel, 54, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for disobeyed stop sign.last_img read more