Ocean City Studies Proposal For Using Recycling Site For Dredge Spoils

first_imgThe city’s recycling yard on Shelter Road is being considered as a temporary site for disposing of dredge spoils. By Donald WittkowskiTucked behind a covered fence in a corner of Shelter Road is a mishmash of old TVs, trash cans, dumpsters, clothing bins, construction equipment and big piles of sand.This out-of-the-way site off Tennessee Avenue now serves as Ocean City’s recycling complex and storage yard, but it could play a major role in the town’s multimillion-dollar dredging program for 2017.A city engineering consultant has recommended using the Shelter Road recycling site as a temporary disposal facility for muddy sediment that would be dredged from the island’s shallow lagoons and channels next year.Mayor Jay Gillian said city officials are reviewing the proposal by ACT Engineers, but stressed during City Council’s meeting Tuesday night that he has not yet made up his mind.Mayor Jay Gillian, right, conferring with Business Administrator Jim Mallon, said the proposal needs further study.“We’re figuring it out whether it would work or not,” Gillian told Council. “We’ve got our eyes on it.”Already, ACT’s dredging plan has drawn strong opposition from homeowners who live in the Ocean Reef condominium complex next to Shelter Road. They fear it will cause their property values to fall.Regardless of what becomes of the recycling yard as part of the dredging program, the mayor said the city plans to clean it up. The complex doubles as a storage area for vehicles, construction equipment and materials for the Public Works Department. Some of that equipment may be moved to other locations, Gillian indicated.Dumpsters are used to hold paper, bottles, cans and other recycled items.Among the oddities at the recycling yard are scores of discarded TVs and storage bins filled with hundreds of abandoned bicycles. Big dumpsters are used to hold paper, glass, cans, plastic, concrete and other things that are recycled. The TVs were dropped off during hazardous-waste collection days that allowed residents to dispose of their old electronics. As required by state law, the abandoned bikes are being kept in storage until they are auctioned to the public, city spokesman Doug Bergen said.ACT’s proposal to use the recycling center as a temporary disposal site for dredge spoils could be complicated by the cost and logistics of the cleanup plan, Gillian said.“I just don’t know if we can make that work with the cost of moving things around,” he said in his remarks to Council.The recycling yard is surrounded by a covered fence.ACT Engineers has proposed running a temporary pipeline to bring dredge spoils to the Shelter Road recycling site. The gooey sediment would go through a “mechanical de-watering process” and then be hauled away by trucks to permanent disposal facilities outside Ocean City. It would not be stored at Shelter Road.The city must find a temporary site for dredge spoils because work on its main disposal facility has been delayed by a legal battle involving a company that sued the town after it was denied a contract for the project.Although the courts have ruled in the city’s favor so far, ongoing appeals in the lawsuit by Wickberg Marine Contracting Inc. make it doubtful that the main disposal facility, which is known as Site 83 and is located near the 34th Street Bridge, will be ready in time for the 2017 dredging program, officials said.Without the Shelter Road site as a backup, a series of dredging projects planned for 2017 are threatened. They include the Carnival, Venetian and South Harbor lagoons bordered by Tennessee Avenue and Shelter Road and the Bluefish and Clubhouse lagoons off Waterway Road.Gillian has proposed a $20 million dredging program for 2016, 2017 and 2018 to clear out the sediment-choked lagoons along the back bays. Some lagoons are so clogged that boat owners and fishermen are often trapped at their slips and can only travel on the waterways at high tide.The mayor held a town hall meeting Dec. 10 to discuss ACT’s plans for possibly using Shelter Road for dredge spoils. About 100 residents attended the meeting, including homeowners from the Ocean Reef condo complex that overlooks Shelter Road from Tennessee Avenue.Some residents spoke in favor of ACT’s proposal. However, Ocean Reef homeowners criticized the plan, claiming it would drastically reduce their property values and cause excessive noise and truck traffic in their neighborhood.Homeowners at the Ocean Reef condominium development have spoken out in opposition to using the adjacent Shelter Road site for dredge disposals.Gillian said the lagoons must be dredged to protect public safety, improve boating traffic and prevent bayfront property values from falling. But he told residents at the town meeting that he was undecided about ACT’s plan, a point he reiterated during Tuesday’s Council meeting.No timetable has been announced for making a final decision about ACT’s plan. ACT representatives assured residents during the town meeting that they scoured “almost every square inch” of the island for other possible sites before coming up with Shelter Road.last_img read more

Who will control the number of people on the beaches?

first_imgAnd most importantly, we need clear comprehensive recommendations in order to keep the situation under control by adhering to all measures and recommendations. Will we have to “fence” the beaches? Who will control the number of people on the beaches? Will we have to reserve our place? Pay a ticket to the beach? Will there be a time limit on the use of the salary, say 1 hour maximum? Will we have to disinfect the beaches after each swimmer? How much chlorine must be in the pool to eliminate the coronavirus? Will we have a mobile app to book or purchase vouchers? Video cameras on the beaches to see if there is room? How are we going to control the situation if there are a lot of guests – whose guest is allowed and whose guest is not allowed on the beach? Can only a guest who has paid for accommodation go to the beach? – a lot of questions people ask, some logical and “funny”, but in this extraordinary situation we need clear recommendations from the Crisis Staff. There are simply too few answers at the moment. Of course, the question is how many tourists, both domestic and foreign, will be on the Adriatic this year, but that is another topic. Of course, everyone must prepare, be proactive and hope and try to “catch” as many guests as possible. Of course we need to be realistic and ready for the scenario to be only 10% of the season, but that does not mean that we do not have to try to do everything in our power to try to activate the tourist market. And that is why it is “harmful” to open such topics on the “hub” and place them through the media individually from day to day, along the way, because it only creates added noise in communication. Thematic units should be opened and as much detail as possible passed through them. This is really confusing. Yes, these are certainly important issues, issues that we need to open as soon as possible and clearly define the rules, so that everyone in tourism knows how to prepare. Everyone is preparing to open hotels, restaurants, beaches – and we are late with the preparation because we do not have clear instructions and recommendations. The very fact that on the beaches as well as in the pools will have to adhere to a distance of 2 meters, raises various questions. “The city or hotels will have to take care that there is no physical contact on the beaches. There will be no towel to towel”Said Krunoslav Capak in the show Dobro jutro, Hrvatska on HRT and added that the control will have to be done by the city, with the help of communal wardens, or hotels.last_img read more

Dujon describes Gayle saga as ‘sad’

first_imgCMC – RETIRED West Indies wicketkeeper Jeffrey Dujon has described as “sad” the bitterness with which batting star Chris Gayle is coming to the end of his career.His assessment came on the heels of Gayle posting videos on his YouTube channel, in which he launched a stinging verbal attack on former West Indies teammate and current assistant coach of the Jamaica Tallawahs, Ramnaresh Sarwan, and accused him of playing a major part in the franchise not retaining him for the 2020 Caribbean Premier League (CPL).The 40-year-old Gayle, who was signed by the St. Lucia Zouks after being released by his home franchise, used terms such as “snake” and “vindictive” to describe Sarwan.“It’s not nice when people are at the end of their careers and there is that much bitterness,” Dujon said on the Mason and Guest radio programme here Tuesday night.“It’s sad when someone, people who have been outstanding in one way or another, end their careers on a sour note like that, but that’s the world today. People have the social media, they have the platforms to speak their minds and people seem to be more inclined to do so these days.”The 63-year-old commentator stressed, however, that disputes such as these were nothing new, but were now amplified because of the social media age.“This is not the first time that something like this has happened, this goes way back…. But in those days, people didn’t have the media like they have now to voice their opinions, and back in those days I suppose we were a different generation anyway,” he said, stressing that it “it goes without saying” that he would not have approached the situation in the way his fellow Jamaican had.Dujon advocated engaging in more dialogue to resolve problems, but conceded that the airing of dirty laundry in public is a “symptom of the world we live in today”.“In the sense that, to a large extent, we have lost the art of conversation. It’s more texting and tweeting and all this sort of thing and they just don’t see the need to sit down and talk to each other,” the former wicketkeeper/batsman said.Gayle had been particularly harsh in his public criticism of Sarwan, saying that he wanted nothing more to do with him.The T20 specialist had also hit out at the Tallawahs management, saying that they had been “playing games” with him, instead of being up front about dropping him from the squad.But the franchise management and ownership issued a statement Wednesday insisting that the decision to part ways with Gayle was only about “business and cricketing reasoning” and Sarwan was not involved.last_img read more