Marvels Agents of SHIELD episode 3 live blog and discussion

first_imgIt’s that time of the week again, everyone. Grab your favorite Avengers cup and settle in for the third episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.Last week’s episode left a lot of people with some mixed feelings. The episode very much felt like the standard team building episode that maybe should have been a part of the premiere, but outside of the campy and predictable action it gave us the necessary backstory required to bond with the crew of The Bus. Now that we’ve moved on to a new mission with the team spirit at its peak, it’s time to settle in and see what “The Asset” is all about.We’ll be firing up live commentary to follow this episode starting at 8PM Eastern. Feel free to join in the discussion and add your thoughts about the episode in the comments. We don’t have a whole lot to go on this week as far as spoilers go, outside of the #EveryVillainHasAnOriginStory tag that has been floating around the Marvel social networking accounts this week. Could this be in reference to Skye, who we know from last week still clearly has not chosen a side?And here we go! Great big truck on the open road. The driver isn’t expecting any trouble on the way to his destination, but whatever just sent that SUV flying out in front of him clearly had other ideas.Wait, what is going on in that truck. Is that SHIELD tech?Trucks are not supposed to fly like that. Agent Mack (seriously?) appears to be down.The truck appears to be a SHIELD vault containing what is most likely a prison. Whoever they just busted out was clearly not meant to leave that big box.Agent Ward is in the middle of training Skye now, and she’s clearly not a fan of the early morning workout. Ward is trying to explain that it is worth it to be a well trained Agent of SHIELD. The “defining moment” is ahead for Skye.Doctor Franklin Hall — Coulson describes him as “one of us” and explains that he was in protective custody instead of prison-like containment.Oh good, Agent Mack is alive, and not too badly damaged.It looks like it might not have been a who so much as a what that is responsible for the flying vehicles. Lots of flying particles responding to a magnetic field? “Something big” is all we get from Coulson.Time for lots of research. Fitz-Simmons are working on the strange ball, Coulson is tracking down a big excavator, and Sky is looking through logs. Everyone has something to do while Ward and Coulson are in the field.The bad guys paid in gold bars from Tanzania, a man named Ian Quinn appears to be responsible. Coulson talked as though everyone should know who he is, but we on the other side of the TV don’t.Oh look, here he is. Quinn appears to have Doctor Hall in Malta.Hall and Quinn have a history, where one has made a ton of money and they other has been living in fear.Quinn seems to think he saved Hall, and is showing him a proof of concept for a device Hall thought up as a teenager.Gravitonium, another wonderful Marvel made up element! Hall appears to be the foremost expert on this imagined element, and Quinn has been scouring the earth looking for it.We’ve seen marble sized balls of this mystery element, but Quinn seems to be planning to make a gigantic version. It appears as though we are seeing the origin story for Graviton.Everyone at SHIELD seems to really want to get Hall back, but no one can get into Malta without breaking international law. Fortunately, Skye isn’t technically a SHILED member and is all about doing what it takes to get the right information.Skye’s loyalty and dedication are in question as she gets ready to jump into this rescue op. Ward has run out of ways to connect with Skye, and Coulson is trying to help him out. We know Skye hasn’t left The Rising Tide, and she’s obviously not ready to choose.Ward figured out how to talk to Skye like a person really quickly, but it doesn’t seem to really accomplish much more than the warm fuzzies. Skye is going in solo, and no one is really sure that she’s ready to go or not. Fortunately, she’s got tech from Fitz-Simmons in the form of a compact.Nevermind, Coulson is going to act as backup. After all, he’s seen plenty of action with The Avengers.Everyone is surprised that Skye is actually doing a good job blending in.“This is so cool, it’s like Siri if it worked” – epic.Quinn’s meeting with Skye seems have happened without a doubt in their minds, and Skye seems to empathize with Quinn during his speech. Fortunately, it wasn’t enough to distract her from the mission for very long.It didn’t take Skye long to get caught. Quinn must have some straight from his speech to meet her. When confronted, Skye folds and explains that SHIELD is listening by writing it down. It is getting harder and harder to see what side Skye is on.Skye dropped the ear bug into a glass of Champagne, and now no one can track her. Coulson and Ward are on the outside of the energy barrier and are basically trapped unless Skye helps them out.Quinn explains to Skye why it is that SHIELD was interested in Skye to begin with, acting as a shelter for people who are down on their luck and in need of a family. Skye seems to be buying what Quinn is selling, and then she reaches in and grabs the compact.Energy shield was down just long enough for Coulson and Ward to get in. The security guards aren’t able to bypass it?As soon as Quinn figured out something was up, he leveled a gun at Skye.Coulson finds Hall as he begins the process of burying the massive ball of Gravitonium at the bottom of the ocean. He planned this entire event, so he could get captured and get to this control panel to stop Quinn from possessing the ability to control this much of the mystery element.This seems to be very different from the Marvel origin story for Graviton, where Hall was the one messing with the massive amount of Gravitonium and SHIELD tried to intervene. The addition of Quinn as the control point is new to this universe.Coulson and Hall are now upside down. Fitz-Simmons agrees that the generator could do some serious damage, but there’s no obvious way to shut it down.Quinn decides against pursuing Skye when he realizes what Hall has done to his generator. Meanwhile, Hall accuses SHIELD of being just as bad as Quinn at experimenting without thought of consequence. He references the Chitauri invasion as evidence of their guilt.Ward finally got to punch a guy in the face.Fitz-Simmons explained that Coulson needed a catalyst to shut down the generator. Coulson shot the glass “floor” and sent Hall sailing into the generator, which consumed his body.Coulson has noticed that what should be muscle memory isn’t working as well as it should, like his body isn’t his. It looks like The Cavalry is coming off the bench in the next episode.The remaining shiny silver blob is being put in the deepest level of “The Fridge” for containment. Eventually, it’s going to spit Hall back out as Graviton.Skye seems to have finally confirmed her decision to join SHIELD when she spills her defining moment to Ward.The episode wraps up with the door closing on The Fridge, and the name plate being removed. Hall’s hand reaches out for just a second, and no one is around to see it happen. Gravitron is clearly something we’ll be pursuing later on, but that’s a superhero level enemy. Maybe this is one of the many set ups for the Marvel movies, as was promised before the show started. Either way, it’s interesting to see how they edited this origin story.More on Agents of SHIELDlast_img read more