Samsung Galaxy S4 preorder offer includes free Galaxy Tab 2

first_imgAs if the stakes weren’t high enough with so many powerful smartphones out this year, one vendor is luring 2000 customers to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S4 with the promise of a new tablet to go with it.Every new major smartphone that has come out in the last year has had some sort of pre-order available. After all, knowing for sure that your brand new phone will be showing up on your doorstep right on launch day is a big deal for some people. Otherwise, you wind up like some unfortunately LG Nexus 4 wanna-be buyers, who sat for weeks and waited for Google to announce that it finally had the phone back in stock.Samsung’s reach is now so significant that it’s no longer a question of whether or not you are going to pre-order the Galaxy S4, but where you are going to pre-order it from. Carphone Warehouse is throwing their hat in the ring by offering a free Galaxy Tab to the first 2000 people to pre-order the feature-packed Android flagship.It’s not uncommon for early adopters to be gifted with the occasional trinket as a thank you for their early patronage. Some pre-order bonuses are almost expected in most cases, especially when you are paying for the product weeks in advance. While the standard fare of a car charger or a protective case may be what you can expect from places like Best Buy, Carphone Warehouse is offering a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 to the first batch of users to hit their site on March 28th when the pre-order page goes live.If you pre-order, not only do you get the tablet, but you’ll have the new Galaxy S4 right after it hits the Carphone Warehouse shelves on April 26th, which will grant you the phone a few days before it is available from retail locations here in the US. Also, if you pre-order from Carphone Warehouse you’ll have to pay for the phone outright, where if you pre-order from your carrier you’ll be able to set your Galaxy S4 up on your contract with a subsidy.It’s expected that Best Buy and the carriers themselves will offer pre-orders of their own, but it’s pretty unlikely that there will be bonus deals that even remotely compare to a new tablet. Still, you’ll have it in your hands before most anyone else, as long as that’s something that is important to you.last_img read more