Assistant Director Compliance/Financial

first_imgDepartmentAthletics Office – 120000 Essential Duties and Responsibilities Please attach required documents:Cover LetterResumeProvide a minimum of 3 professional references in the applicationor attach a List of References with Contact Information Position Number091151 Appalachian State University, in North Carolina’s Blue RidgeMountains, prepares students to lead purposeful lives as globalcitizens who understand and engage their responsibilities increating a sustainable future for all. The transformationalAppalachian experience promotes a spirit of inclusion that bringspeople together in inspiring ways to acquire and create knowledge,to grow holistically, to act with passion and determination, andembrace diversity and difference. As one of 17 campuses in theUniversity of North Carolina system, Appalachian enrolls about20,000 students, has a low student-to-faculty ratio and offers morethan 150 undergraduate and graduate majors. Minimum Qualifications Description of University Quick Link AA/EEO Statement Responsible for monitoring individual and institutional (team)financial aid award limitsAssist in giving interpretations of NCAA rules to all coaches,athletics staff, institutional staff members, and representativesof athletics interestEnsures that the University’s athletics programs comply withNCAA rules and regulations governing financial aid tostudent-athletesProcesses financial aid for student-athletes and works directlywith student-athletes and coaches to ensure they are withinindividual and team NCAA financial aid limitationsDiscuss with student-athletes and/or parents on concerns aboutfinancial aid issuesWork collaboratively with the Office of Student Accounts, theFinancial Aid Office, the University Bookstore and Food Services onall issues dealing with student-athlete scholarships to help withoversight and maintain NCAA institutional controlWork with Information Technology Services staff on changesyearly for JumpForward Financial Aid compatibilityForecast for the Athletics Director and/or Senior AssociateAthletics Director for Internal Operations the cost of athleticscholarships by sport for the year and summer schoolWork with the Academic Advisors for Student-Athletes onproviding the number of hours student-athletes need if enrolledless than full time to graduate or if participating in internshipsor student teaching. Provide these hours to the AssociateDirector/School Certifying Offical in the Office of StudentFinancial Aid Liaison before each semester and all hours for eachsummer session for each student-athlete for whom athletics ishelping to pay for their educationApprove/deny refunds for student-athletes, checking to ensuretheir total aid does not exceed their attendance, except for NCAA/University allowed exceptionsAssist with maintaining the compliance portion of athleticswebsiteServe on relevant campus committees as requested/neededDemonstrate a commitment to and compliance with theUniversity’s and Department of Athletics policies and procedures aswell as the conference and NCAA constitutions, bylaws, legislation,and regulationsPerform other related duties as required Physical Demands of Position License/Certification Required Special Instructions to Applicants Diversity and Inclusion at Appalachian We at Appalachian State University are committed to diversity,equity, and inclusive excellence both locally and globally.We understand that the successful implementation of diversity,equity, and inclusive excellence is the responsibility of theentire university community, including alumni and officialuniversity governing bodies. A diverse campus community supports aninflux of broad and distinct ideas that increase learningopportunities and strengthen the impact of our community as we workcollectively to achieve a just experience for all.We actively encourage, support, and promote a global mindset and anequitable environment where all will know that they belong and aresafe to express their culture, identity, values, ideas, opinions,and creativity. We are committed to creating a culture of equityopportunity for all, one that has an expectation of fairness,justice, and equity-minded practice at all levels of the universitycommunity. Suggested Salary RangeCommensurate with experience. Position TitleAssistant Director Compliance/Financial Bachelor’s degree required.Must have at least one year of experience in NCAA compliance orrelated field.Exceptional attention to detail required.Capable of working in a fast-paced environment and meetingdeadlines.Ability to calculate and maintain accurate athletics andinstitutional financial aid awards for student-athletes.Must demonstrate the highest levels of ethics andintegrity. Appalachian State University is an Affirmative Action/EqualOpportunity Employer. The University does not discriminate inaccess to its educational programs and activities, or with respectto hiring or the terms and conditions of employment, on the basisof race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity andexpression, political affiliation, age, disability, veteran status,genetic information or sexual orientation.last_img read more

Animation theatre

first_imgHorseheadFaulty Optic Theatre Co.11 NovemberPegasus TheatrePeople would go miles for a theatrical horse once,” an elderly blue puppet sadly remarks in Faulty Optic’s latest production, Horsehead. Fortunately we only had to go as far as the Pegasus Theatre for this particular nag – an uncanny experience it was too, from the first gradual realisation, on entering the intimate space, that the narrator Daniel Padden was sitting approximately four feet away and staring at the audience through binoculars. Aa strange start to a strange play about the opportune love that blossoms between a horse fanatic permanently dressed as a pair of hind legs and a crippled dancer blessed with hair very like a mane, who together strive for “theatrical horse perfection”, melded together as one pantomime being.It soon appears, however, that the back and the front of the horse were sundered long ago, leaving the former hind legs (a fragile little man with gimlet eyes and a gaunt mouth) sickeningin a sanatorium, daydreaming of his former glory. Rreduced to half a being he can only replay over and over his old musical recordings: like them he has become obsolete. Aas he imagines the dying horse head, which he abandoned in a wasteland, and remorsefully remarks, “Ddid anyone, Ii wonder, ever find her?”, a butcher’s van trundles past in the background, visible only to the audience (one of many moments when you’re unsure whether to laugh or be horrified). Then one night the vengeful spectre of the nag returns to the hospital to claim his legs as punishment.A story about loss, grief, and the various ways of being broken, this is a characteristically haunting tale from the Faulty Optic crew (Liz Wwalker and Gavin Glover), who work with puppets, mechanisms and live projection, and the writer Edward Carey. Iit is a partnership that was destined to be: Ccarey’s previous characters include “an old man who lives in a leather armchair which is more significant than him,” while Faulty Optic have been known to meet their doom being “sucked into oblivion down the back of the sofa”. The unsettling real-life sentiment that “there are so many broken things in the world” is here written large in a character who suffers not just from a broken heart and a guilty conscience, but also “equine herpes virus, pneumonia and phantom limb dementia”. Wwhat makes his situation even more poignant is the fantastically creepy realisation of the sanatorium. Ppadden’s soundtrack, pre-recorded or created live, uses church bells, creaking, the whistling of the wind and operatic muzak to emphasise the eerie emptiness of the ward. Wwalker and Glover have finely tuned the movements of the melancholy patient and the beady-eyed nurse, emphasising the awkward dodder of the one and the brisk annoyance of the other. Aapparently, this patient is so neglected he’s even fed meals of pebbles.This delightfully idiosyncratic side of the production recalls Lynch’s Eeraserhead– in particular a moment when the bed-bound puppet tries to call the nurse because someone is noisily digging a grave under his hospital bed, which is making him nervous. Aand where else can you see a beetle-infested horse skull described as a “mouldy pile of love”? also harks back to the film animation of Jan Ssvankmejer and the Quay Brothers, even more so because the entire production is conducted in semi-darkness.When I spoke to Glover, he observed that there are few contemporary puppet companies in Eengland who are pushing the boundaries of live film and sound in the way Faulty Optic do, although there are younger groups working in London (“though they’re not as dark as us” he added with pride). Aalthough Hhorsehead might seem saturated with nostalgia in terms of subject matter (the parting shot is “I watched the old horses being dismantled…”), the fresh voice that Faulty Optic bring to this makes it truly worth seeing. Aand the beetle-infestation scene is worth the entrance fee alone.ARCHIVE: 6th week MT 2005last_img read more