Spafford Announces ‘Breakout’ Fall Tour Dates, Presented By L4LM

first_imgIf you’re in need of some serious funk jamming, look no further. Spafford has you covered.The Arizona-based four-piece group refers to themselves as “Electro Funk Therapy.” It’s an apt description for their wholly impressive sound, which captivates in its intensity and groove. They move through genres with ease, yet overwhelm with a combination of rock, funk, jazz, and jam. Take a listen to this track from last year and you’ll see what we mean…We are beyond excited to be partnering up with Spafford, helping cover their fall “Breakout” tour in style. The band has announced a seven-date run through Colorado and the Midwest, hitting stops in Boulder, Denver, Lincoln, Milwaukee, Neenah, Chicago and DeKalb. They’ll also be joined by great groups like Kitchen Dwellers, Digg, A Ferocious Jungle Cat and Conundrum for the first four shows, and intend to add more dates and supporting acts soon!For all the information you’d want about these upcoming dates, be sure to head to Spafford’s website here. You can see the full tour schedule, printed below.Spafford’s Break Out Tour 201609/22 – Boulder, CO – Fox Theatre$09/23 – Denver, CO – Cervantes Other Side#09/24 – Lincoln, NE – Bodega’s Alley%09/28 – Milwaukee, WI – The Miramar [email protected]/29 – Neenah, WI – Cranky Pat’s09/30 – Chicago, IL – Tonic Room10/01 – DeKalb, IL – The House Cafe$ – w/ Kitchen Dwellers# – w/ Digg% – A Ferocious Jungle [email protected] w/ Conundrumlast_img read more

Plunge pools and golf cart parking make this new development a hit

first_img. . Azure Development Group’s Emerson Edition development.Stunning low maintenance pads with golf course views have been launched as part of The Emerson Edition in the exclusive Minnippi Parklands.The Emerson Edition, by developer Azure Development Group, takes inspiration from classic Palm Springs 1950s modernist architecture, while still embracing contemporary Brisbane living.The unprecedented edition will feature a collection of 15 modern and distinctive residences, featuring private plunge pools, internal landscaped courtyards, golf cart parking and north-easterly views of the seventh fairway.The greatly anticipated golf course will be Brisbane’s only public course south of the Brisbane River, and the first to be built in over 70 years.Designed with owner occupiers and downsizers in mind, the spacious four-bedroom, three bathroom and two-car garage terraces range from 273sq m to 545sq m, priced from $1.05 million.Azure Development Group’s Director Trent Keirnan said he believed the residences were unique to Brisbane and fitting for the Minnippi enclave.“Brand new, large, low maintenance, golf-frontage, this close to the CBD … It just doesn’t exist,” Mr Keirnan said.“It’s just amazing, even if people are not golfers they know the north easterly aspect is not going to be built out.“Our vision for The Emerson Edition is to celebrate the timeless appeal of classic, mid-centuryMore from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus1 day agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market1 day agoarchitecture — how it can complement both the natural landscape and contemporary Brisbaneliving.”Featuring European oak flooring throughout, there are multiple living areas, extensive master bedrooms with walk-in robe and ensuites.The kitchens are long and expansive, featuring refined stone benchtops, an abundance of cabinetsand intelligent storage spaces and exclusive feature pendant lighting.“A considered focus on balancing form and function has enabled us to provide massive amounts of storage and generous living spaces across all areas of the residences”Mr Keirnan said rather than having residents share a communal facility, they have designed the terraces and courtyards larger so they could be used privately.last_img read more

Tiger Pond launches $5M Cassava Processing facility

first_imgTiger Pond village, located in the Karasabai District, South Pakaraimas, Region Nine, recently commissioned a $5M Cassava Processing facility as part of its Community Development Project (CDP).The processing facility, furnished with modern equipment, is producing cassava by-products such as cassareep, packaged cassava bread, farine, and tapioca.Some of the products produced from the Tiger Pond Processing facility in Region NineMinister within the Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Ministry, Valerie Garrido-Lowe, who declared the facility opened, lauded the villagers for being visionaries and investing in such a venture.While it is a great investment, she reminded them that for the majority of Guyanese, cassava is not a main staple, hence, they (the villagers) need to seek markets before manufacturing the products in large quantities. Minister Garrido-Lowe also encouraged them to ensure the proper maintenance of the facility.Minister Garrido-Lowe told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that “while most, if not all, Guyanese use the cassareep, the majority of them do not eat farine and the other foods. We would have to really work hard to introduce the farine to them. Right now, their main markets will be the surrounding villages and neighbouring Brazil”.Only recently, the village of Karasabai commissioned its $5M CDP tourism project – the Kezeé Eco-Lodge.The Community Development Project (CDP), which falls under the ambit of the Amerindian Development Fund (ADF) is in its second phase; over 100 communities were selected to execute the project which includes venture in farming, agro-processing, aquaculture, poultry and cattle rearing, mining, village infrastructure including; construction of a village office and multi-purpose building, a village shop and museum, and transportation and tourism.The project aims to strengthen entrepreneurial and institutional capacities of the village economy of Amerindian communities, improve linkages with the private sector to further develop value chains and strengthen institutional frameworks to support local economies.last_img read more

Woman appears in court on €68,488 social welfare fraud

first_imgA woman has appeared in court charged in connection with a €68,488 social welfare scam.Shauna Tynan, from Letterkenny, appeared at Letterkenny Circuit Court where she was arraigned on a number of sample charges. Tynan, of Slieve Sneacht, pleaded guilty to ten separate sample charges.The thefts from the Department of Social Protection, concerned monies taken from both Glencar Post Office and the Permanent TSB on Main Street in Letterkenny.The individual sums ranged from €204 to €1,579 on the ten different occasions.Prosecuting barrister Ms Patricia McLaughlin said the overall sum involved was €68,488 and the plea was accepted on all the fact being given on sentence.Barrister for Ms Tynan, Ms Patricia McCallum said her client has suffered from a number of difficulties and would benefit from a psychological report.Judge John Aylmer adjourned the sentencing to the next sitting of the circuit in November.Woman appears in court on €68,488 social welfare fraud was last modified: July 22nd, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:cashcourtfraudletterkennyShauna Tynansocial welfarelast_img read more

Homochirality: Computers Are Not the Real World

first_imgIf you solve a vexing problem in a computer model, you have not solved it in the real world.It’s a long-standing problem for origin of life research: how do you get the ingredients to be all of one hand?  The amino acids in proteins and the sugars in DNA are all homochiral, composed of one hand out of two otherwise-identical “isoforms” (chemicals with the same composition that differ only in shape).  Collections made outside of life tend to be random mixtures of left- and right-handed isoforms.  Unless there is a yet-undiscovered natural law that can amplify one hand over the other, a prebiotic protein or genetic molecule would have to form by chance (see online book). An article in PhysOrg explains the problem:“Imagine you’ve got a coin, and it’s perfectly made, so it’s not biased at all, and you start flipping the coin. Each time you flip it, it keeps coming up heads,” he said. “So then you say, something must be operating that’s causing this to happen . . . you get the same puzzle with these biological molecules, and that’s the problem of homochirality.”Yet this same article offers a new explanation. Three researchers at the University of Illinois came up with a new idea.  Will it work?The Illinois team wanted to develop a simpler model, one based on only the most basic properties of life: self-replication and disequilibrium. They showed that with only these minimal requirements, homochirality appears when self-replication is efficient enough.“There are other models, and they may be correct for the origin of homochirality on earth, if you can prove that those prerequisites existed during the emergence of life,” said Jafarpour. “But whether those foundations exist or not, for life that emerged anywhere in the universe, you’d expect that it would have self-replication, and our model says that’s enough to get homochirality.”They knew about the ideas of Sir Charles Frank in 1953. He proposed that one chiral molecule able to replicate itself might repress the formation of the opposite hand.The model relies on mathematical and computational techniques that were not available in Frank’s time. It takes into account the chance events involving individual molecules—which chiral self-replicator happens to find its next substrate first. The detailed statistics built into the model reveal that if self-replication is occurring efficiently enough, this incidental advantage can grow into dominance of one chirality over the other.This article’s optimism exceeds its realism.  Did they try this with actual chemicals in the lab?  Of course not.  They would have to start with what they needed to demonstrate: a chiral molecule able to make accurate copies of itself out of a soup of random ingredients.  Unless the copying process was accurate and efficient enough, errors would accumulate and all gains would be lost (“error catastrophe”).  But how probable is it to get such a replicator by chance?  That’s a high bar to overcome at the beginning.Presumably their replicator would be some RNA ribozyme able to catalyze its own replication.  To demonstrate its ability to follow this scenario, they would have to see it self-organize under plausible prebiotic conditions.  What are plausible prebiotic conditions?  That question is highly theory-laden.  Unless initial ingredients are agreed on, damaging cross-reactions prevented, pH controlled, temperature ranges monitored and oxygen excluded, nothing of interest would emerge.  If something unlikely did emerge, charges of investigator interference would be impossible to dismiss.That’s why their idea only works in the computer (and only on a computer programmed by intelligent human beings already made up of homochiral molecules).  It’s puzzling they compared their scenario with patterns in the foraging activity of ants, which are also living and made up of homochiral molecules. The challenge is to get non-living natural conditions to achieve homochirality.The only graphic in the article is a “computer simulation of the emergence of homochirality” as one hand grows over time in some kind of competition in the spatial domain.  The diagram is highly contrived and unrealistic, but it didn’t stop the author of the press release from making sweeping generalities from it:The work leads to a key conclusion: since homochirality depends only on the basic principles of life, it is expected to appear wherever life emerges, regardless of the surrounding conditions.“For me, the most exciting thing is that this mechanism shows that homochirality is really a biosignature of life, a 100% signature, and should be expected anywhere life emerges,” said Goldenfeld. “So for example, we just learned that there is a global ocean of liquid water under the ice of Enceladus … I think that looking for homochirality in the organic molecules that have been detected there would be a fantastic way to look for life there.”But it’s not a mechanism.  It’s a simulation.  Unless their simulation works in the real world, no such inference can be made, because it begs the question that real molecules can do this outside the computer.  Until it can be demonstrated that blind, unguided molecules can produce homochirality (and anything less than 100% is doomed to failure), the simulation has nothing to say about life on Earth, Enceladus, or exoplanets.There is, however, one cause now in operation that is capable of sorting otherwise identical objects by handedness.  That cause is intelligence.Speaking of Enceladus, Cassini flies by it today (Oct 14) in the first of three final encounters of the geysering moon (see NASA schedule).  On October 28, the spacecraft will make a daring plunge through one of the plumes to collect samples of the dust and vapors from an altitude of 30 miles.  Since another Enceladus mission didn’t make the final cut of NASA’s Discovery program (see Nature), these two encounters and the Dec. 19th flyby are likely to be the last opportunities for decades to gather data from this intriguing, unexpectedly active body.We get excited every time there’s a new proposal to solve the homochirality problem.  Excited, that is, for a few seconds, until we see more false optimism and cheating.  This proposal is all fluff.  Go into the chemistry lab, guys, and demonstrate your process!  You can’t walk onto a football field with an iPad, show a computerized play that wins a touchdown under contrived circumstances, and declare victory.The only value of this article (published uncritically by PhysOrg with no hard pushback questions) is that it makes a clear statement of the problem.  The problem remains as unsolved now as it was in 1953. It remains evidence of life’s uniqueness, as it was to Louis Pasteur.  The conclusion from our online book* remains: “We find that there is no lessening of confusion until one accepts the logic that ‘intelligent’ systems could not arise without an intelligent Designer.”*This book, published first in 1973, was among the first to use the term “intelligent design” explicitly. It was the author’s inference from the extreme improbability of chance to achieve the high degree of complex information seen in even the simplest conceivable living cell.(Visited 100 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

chinkyboo Folding Stable Durable Wig Hair Hat Cap Holder Stand Holder Display Tool – Not quite as sturdy as I expected but then you get what you

first_imgI have a pretty long, heavy wig, so this is a little unstable, but i would imagine if you have shorter than the very long wig i have, this would be quite sufficient. I received this product 4 days after i placed my order, which i wasn’t expecting and am pleased with. The stand is sturdy and easy to put together, although the top ‘ring’ was slightly misshapen it was easy to bend into shape again and has stayed intact. My stand is in the pink colour which is super cute and overall i love this product, especially since i wasn’t expecting much from the price and other reviews i have seen on other products like this. Easy to put together, good product, look as pictured. Here are the specifications for the chinkyboo Folding Stable Durable Wig Hair Hat Cap Holder Stand Holder Display Tool:Keep the shape of the wig unchanged, give longer usage time.Portable. Can be taken apart and flat packedApprox. Size: 35.5cm x 16cm(Height & Dia.)Great for wigs store display or your own wig collection, also can be used as a hat stand.Lightweight Good value purchase, happy with quality and price, folds down when not in use which makes them useful for travelling and tidy storeage. It is just perfect for my wig, and it didn’t cost me a fortune. It is just great, i love it. Reviews from purchasers :Five Stars This is a must have if you have any wigs, folds down for storage but keeps the wig in perfect condition, would recommend. Very quick delivery mine was a pretty pink colour easy to put together with good instructions on the bag a little flimsy but for the price its good value holds my wig fine will order another one later on. Like the daft that it is collapsable so making it easy to store when not in use. Arrived as expected and does the job. Not quite as sturdy as i expected but then you get what you pay for. Only able to use one of the items as one was packaged with two of the same pieces so impossible to put together. Buy for cheapness, but be wary. Works really well and keeps my wigs neat. It is a little unstable but does the job if you are careful. Great value & perfect for drying wig after washing. My wife was dead chuffed with this, so much so that, when she buys another wig at christmas she’ll be buying another of these stands. She doesn’t like the feel of the polystyrene heads that also do the same job and so this is ideal. Iit is simple to assemble and looks good with or without a wig draped over it. Delivery was prompt and accurate and the price was right. Easy to use, lightweight but stable and holds the wig perfectly in place. The stand is simply put together and taken apart, and does a basic job for a wig stand, you can’t expect too much though as its quite cheap. Love it and easy to assemble highly recommend to buy from. SummaryReviewer Nathalie DuboisReview Date2019-10-24 13:32:48Reviewed Item chinkyboo Folding Stable Durable Wig Hair Hat Cap Holder Stand Holder Display ToolRating 4.1 / 5  stars, based on  49  reviews Great for all kinds of use, i put each one of my wigs over the top of each other balanced on this, its light wieght and easy to transport. Item arrived on time and in good condition. Gave a 4 star because i wish it had a longer ‘neck’. The wig stands are perfect for our needs. We are an amateur dramatic society and do not need to display wigs very often. These stands are very stable in use and can be stored flat when not needed unlike polystyrene heads which take up so much space. center_img Posted on October 24, 2019Author Nathalie DuboisCategories Hair Extensions, Wigs & AccessoriesTags chinkyboo Meets Purposelast_img read more

Lawsuits Name Makers of Spray Foam Insulation

first_imgFederal lawsuits claiming that spray-polyurethane foam insulation is toxic and can sicken those who live in houses where it has been installed are pending in more than a half-dozen states as lawyers deal with an “avalanche” of complaints, a Florida attorney says.To date, complaints have been filed in federal district courts in Florida, New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Connecticut, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, says Vince Pravato, an attorney at Wolf & Pravato in Fort Lauderdale. According to Pravato, litigation filings are also expected in North Carolina and Arkansas.Pravato says he has been retained by clients to pursue claims against a number of different manufacturers and installers, including Demilec, Lapolla, Masco, and NCFI Polyurethanes.The filings mark the start of what is likely to be a protracted legal effort on the part of a number of attorneys representing many homeowners. Attorneys for the homeowners are hoping the cases will be bundled into something called “multidistrict litigation” that would speed pretrial proceedings. A hearing on that request is scheduled for the end of May in Kentucky. RELATED ARTICLES Spray foam is the focus of many homeowner complaintsThere’s nothing new about homeowner complaints that a fish-like chemical odor lingers for months after spray foam has been applied.In 2011, GBA senior editor Martin Holladay interviewed eight homeowners who’d experienced problems with spray-foam applications. In a few cases, unpleasant odors persisted despite attempts to remove foam that appeared faulty, or attempts to spray over it to seal it in.In some cases, manufacturers tried to blame the smell on other substances that might have been in the house, and their efforts to get to the root cause of the problem and correct it were spotty at best.In Holladay’s interviews, Demilec was frequently cited as the foam manufacturer. “We’ve had a lengthy ordeal with representatives from Demilec,” Florida homeowner Mike Roth told Holladay. “Their agenda was to prove there was something else in the house causing the smell and it wasn’t their problem.”Roth is one of the homeowners represented by Pravato’s office.Reports of low air quality and impacts on health also have cropped up a number of times in other GBA posts and Q&A threads. Homeowners shared remarkably similar stories. Verdicts in any of the requested jury trials could be a year or more away. No known method of remediationOnce installed, spray polyurethane foam is very difficult to remove, Pravato says, complicating the situation for homeowners who develop chemical sensitivities as well as clouding the eventual outcome of the court cases.“Our goal is to find ultimately a remediation process for these homes,” he says. “EPA right now acknowledges that there isn’t any safe way to remediate the homes. I have several clients who have tried to remediate and have been unsuccessful.”Efforts have included something called “ice blasting” in which shards of ice are shot at installed foam at high speed, essentially abrading it away from any surface where it’s been applied. But, Pravato says, the foam breaks into very small particles and spreads easily, making the situation potentially worse than it was.One client in Florida whose home was sprayed with foam only in the roof is proposing to lift off the entire roof intact, without disturbing the foam, and replacing it with a new one. Another client, Pravato says, scraped away most of the foam in his roof but still experiences problems when the summer heat warms the remaining foam. Spray Foam Insulation: Open and Closed CellSpray Foam Jobs With Lingering Odor Problems Q&A: Out-gassing of bad stuff from spray foam insulation Does Spray Foam Insulation Off-Gas Poisonous Fumes?Joe Lstiburek on Spray Foam Spray Foam Insulation Is Not a Magic Bullet Two-part foam that must be applied carefullySpray polyurethane foam has become a popular insulation option, especially in high-performance houses. Although relatively expensive, it seals cracks and seams in wall and ceiling cavities much better than batt insulation.Foam comes in two varieties, open-cell and closed-cell, each with slightly different properties and different R-values. Of the two, closed-cell foam is a better insulator, with R-values of about 6.5 per inch. Once cured, it also becomes a vapor retarder. Open-cell foam has a lower R-value, roughly 3.5 per inch, and although it acts as an air barrier, it’s not an effective vapor barrier. According to Pravato, open-cell foam is the target of more of the complaints than closed-cell foams.But both are applied in fundamentally the same way. They consist of two chemicals that are mixed in the head of the installer’s spray gun and expand on contact. Once the foam cures, it’s designed to become an inert material that’s benign to homeowners.The complaints allege that in some cases, the foam is toxic. “When applied, the resulting polyurethane foam is supposed to become inert and non-toxic,” reads a Florida complaint naming Demilec’s “Sealection” insulation, “but SPF remains toxic after installation because either, as designed, it is impossible to become inert and non-toxic even under optimal conditions; or proper installation (and thus non-toxicity) is nearly impossible given the exacting set of installation requirements and inadequate training and installer certification methods …“Due to the defective nature of Demilec’s design and manufacture of SPF, the defective nature of Demilec’s training of distributors/installers, and the defective nature of Demilec’s warnings, labeling and training materials, the application and installation of SPF is anything but ― controlled, resulting in the installation of an SPF that causes property damage and health hazards to occupants of installed homes such that the only remedy is the complete removal of the SPF.”The complaint cites Demilec’s own instruction manual for installers, notably the company’s warning that applying the foam required “strict adherence” to approved techniques and that a “regular maintenance program must be followed and temperatures must be scrupulously respected.”The complaint alleges that Demilec knew its certified installers were “not fit” to do their jobs and that training and supervision were inadequate. Efforts to streamline the court casesThe plaintiffs’ attorneys, including Pravato, will seek “multidistrict litigation” (MDL) status at a hearing in May. If granted, a single federal judge would be able to rule on pretrial questions common to all similar complaints no matter where they were filed.Unlike a class-action lawsuit, these multidistrict cases would be heard by juries in the courts where they were originally filed. In a class-action, a single case that goes all the way through trial settles all similar cases for plaintiffs in the same class.Pravato says the multidistrict designation is a way of getting consistent rulings on common legal questions while making the legal process more economical. “If you have 20 different judges hearing these matters you may have all types of different rulings on different issues,” he says. “Having everything consolidated in front of one judge will streamline the entire process and it will give the cases consistency.“It’s very difficult to file individually against these giant chemical companies,” he continues. “They have the deep pockets, and the recovery for an individual home makes it very difficult for a law firm to get involved and hire the type of experts you need.“Let’s say the damages are only $200,000 to a home. If you have to spend $100,000 in expertise to hire chemists and various experts you need to prove your case, it almost becomes prohibitive to bring you case against these manufacturers and installation companies.”If the cases do win MDL status, Pravato says a few “bellwether” trials could be fast-tracked all the way through jury trials within a year, with findings used to shape a potential settlement.Attorneys are seeking to have the multidistrict cases heard in a southern Florida federal court by Judge Kenneth A. Marra. Response from manufacturersGBA made attempts to contact representatives of Demilec, Masco, Lapolla, and NCFI Polyurethanes. Voice messages, or in some cases e-mail requests for comment, were not returned.GBA also messaged the Spray Foam Coalition, an association of companies that make and sell spray polyurethane foam, for comment.GBA received this response:“The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) and the Spray Foam Coalition (SFC) are aware of recent cases involving spray polyurethane foam. Our members are committed to the health and safety of polyurethane products, which includes spray polyurethane foam (SPF), and those who use them.“According to the U.S. Environmental Protection agency, after SPF is correctly applied and cured, it is considered to be relatively inert, which means the chemicals are finished reacting. When having SPF installed, homeowners should talk to their professional contractor about the product’s curing time and appropriate safety precautions.“The SPF industry has for many years and will continue to support the safe and appropriate use of SPF; moreover, the industry works with regulators, researchers, producers and applicators to ensure that those using SPF have access to information they need about how to use the product safely. Along with government agencies, researchers and other relevant experts the SPF industry works to provide the best information available about the health and safety aspects of SPF and identify where additional research could be conducted. Industry leaders and organizations work together to provide free health and safety training to professional contractors and anyone interested in learning more about the product, as well as a library of other free resources [may go] here.”The statement also said the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance recently launched a professional certification program, which “will continually raise the bar on safety, performance, quality and professionalism.” Some clients suffer ‘severe health issues’Pravato was one of the attorneys working on litigation that targeted defective drywall manufactured in China and installed in thousands of homes in the U.S. Class action settlements approved in that case could cost the manufacturer more than $1 billion. “I was not eager to jump into another situation like the Chinese drywall case,” Pravato says, “but more and more people began contacting me and I said I would look into it, and it became an avalanche.”The chief complaints are health problems suffered by occupants of homes that have been insulated with spray foam. Apparently, some homeowners develop chemical sensitivity to foam ingredients.While a number of manufacturers have been cited, Demilec comes up most frequently, Pravato says. Most often, the affected homeowners were in their homes at the time the foam was sprayed, or returned home immediately afterward. Clients who developed health problems typically didn’t know what was causing them. Plaintiffs include a family doctor from Virginia, Pravato says, who was forced out of his home.“He had significant neurological problems,” the attorney says. “He had MRI testing because he was losing sensation in his legs. He had breathing problems. He was seeing an allergist. He couldn’t figure out what the problem was, and he was a medical doctor. He said, ‘Vince, if somebody came to me with these problems and said it was spray foam I wouldn’t believe him.’ And he finally figured out what it was. They moved out and he’s doing much better. But his house sits empty.“When you hear these stories it’s just a tragedy after a tragedy. These people are losing their homes. It’s terrible story after terrible story.“I think there are a lot of people out there who are having problems and don’t know why they are having problems,” he adds. “This hasn’t become a giant public concern so far. You don’t have a lot of news coverage on it. I don’t think people really have the tools to know what is the cause of a lot of the problems they may be having.”last_img read more

After memorable weekend, Mark Barroca back into basketball mode

first_imgAFP official booed out of forum Globe Business launches leading cloud-enabled and hardware-agnostic conferencing platform in PH John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding “Coach told me to focus. I had a very hectic schedule and my wedding is already over, so coach reminded me that it’s time to go back to basketball,” said Barroca, who married his wife Russelle in a church last Monday.And focus, Barroca did.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutThe shifty playmaker triggered the Hotshots’ uprising, firing eight of his 12 points in the third frame fightback before ultimately claiming the 96-81 win over the Batang Pier.“Coach reminded us that we didn’t need to score, but rather, we need to defend. And that’s what we did,” he said. Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC PBA IMAGESMark Barroca couldn’t let his first game as a married man end up in a loss.That’s why the 31-year-old guard tried to move heaven and earth to bring the Magnolia back to life after a lackluster first half which saw it fall behind by as much as 13 to GlobalPort on Friday.ADVERTISEMENT MOST READ Read Next LATEST STORIEScenter_img NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 introduces GURUS AWARDS to recognize and reward industry influencers Slow and steady hope for near-extinct Bangladesh tortoises Barroca was one of the heroes for Magnolia as it ended its two-game slide and recover in its quest to secure one of the elusive top two spots, which comes with a twice-to-beat advantage in the quarterfinals.With the Hotshots now in the playoffs, the former FEU stud said the Hotshots must not show let-ups, especially with one last game slated against Meralco on Saturday in Cagayan de Oro.“We have a big chance to get the top two if we win against Meralco. Hopefully, we get that on Saturday. Now that the opportunity is here, we have no other choice but to grab it,” he said.And it doesn’t matter for Barroca if he has to sacrifice his own honeymoon. All he wants is for Magnolia to achieve its goal of getting back in the championship round.“My honeymoon is going to be delayed, but we have to be professional here,” he shared. “After everything is done this conference, then we can go to our honeymoon.”ADVERTISEMENT Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH PSL: Foton opens new season with Generika-Ayala win 2 ‘newbie’ drug pushers fall in Lucena sting Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City View commentslast_img read more

Change in politics society on sexual misconduct not fast enough says Trudeau

first_imgOTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he believes society is still lagging behind the systemic changes he is trying to make on Parliament Hill when it comes to preventing and responding to sexual harassment and other inappropriate behaviour.“We recognize that this particular workplace that is Parliament Hill is one that is rife with hierarchies and power dynamics wrapped up in and around an institution that for centuries has been the purview of a certain type of person — older, male, successful,” Trudeau said this week in a roundtable interview with The Canadian Press.That, however, has started to change, the prime minister suggested, with the election of a more diverse group of MPs and political staff — although the consequences of that long-standing, male-dominated hierarchy have clearly not disappeared overnight.“We have a system that has changed, but a society that is changing not fast enough, and that is going to lead to difficult situations.”Trudeau, who self-identifies as a feminist and says he has zero tolerance for sexual assault, harassment or other forms of misconduct by his employees or caucus colleagues, was asked to address the fact that allegations surfaced last year involving someone in the Prime Minister’s Office.Claude-Eric Gagne, who is deputy director of operations for Trudeau, has been on a leave of absence Nov. 1 pending an investigation into allegations that came to the attention of the PMO. Gagne says he challenges the veracity of the allegations, but is co-operating fully with the third-party investigator.The PMO hired high-profile employment firm Rubin Thomlinson LLP to examine the case.Without commenting specifically on the case, Trudeau said he hopes to set an example in how he responds to the situations.“I think the measure of it must be how we are changing and how we are responding to allegations, how seriously we take them,” he said.“The fact that we have no tolerance for this — that we will not brush things under the rug, but we will take action on it immediately — is part of the modelling that we hope to see taken on elsewhere across the Hill, but also throughout workforces and workplaces in Canada.”The Canadian Press surveyed current female MPs from all political parties last month to find out the extent to which they had been the targets of sexual harassment, assault or misconduct of all kinds, including during their time in elected office.Some 58 per cent of respondents to the voluntary, anonymous survey reported having personally experienced one or more forms of sexual misconduct during their time in politics.The results also suggested the problem also hits other players in the parliamentary system.Seventy-six per cent of respondents said they had either witnessed, or been told about sexual misconduct targeting another woman, including a staffer, page, intern, House of Commons employee or MP.Thirty-eight of the 89 female MPs participated in the survey.— Follow @smithjoanna and @kristykirkup on Twitterlast_img read more