Mess between CD Manchego and Lorca by Pogba’s brother

first_imgThe CD Manchego Ciudad Real has issued an official statement, informing that Mathias Pogba is still a club player. An announcement that surprises, since, early in the afternoon, the brother of the United footballer and Lorca confirmed their agreement on social networks for the remainder of the season. A frustrated signing, but that could be developed in the next few days.Mathías Pogba keeps trying to relaunch his sports career in Spain. The player, therefore, wanted to break his bond with the CD Manchego Ciudad Real and become new player of Lorca FC. I would not change category: will continue playing in Third Division, but with the rise as a goal marked between eyebrow and eyebrow. However, the part of breaking his contract in the town of Castilla-La Mancha has been skipped in the process, which has caused the immediate reaction of his current club.“To this day, he still has a record in force with our club. We remain in conversations to solve the situation in the best possible way. Both the club that formalizes the announcement of the incorporation of a player with a valid card, and without a freedom card, as well as the player who extends the same announcement, are aware of that situation, ”explains the CD Manchego, perplexed at the publication of both announcing the signing.So much Mathias Pogba As the CD Manchego Ciudad Real They want to solve the situation as soon as possible and put an end to their link. However, they still do not reach an agreement and the striker, always according to the club version, has taken the second step before the first. The position of the entity, of course, is protective: “As we have been acting, We will ALWAYS defend the rights and interests of the Manchego Ciudad Real CD“. Pogba, a media signingThe forward has monopolized media outbreaks since his arrival in Spanish football last summer. AS chatted with him at the airport, where Pogba acknowledged that his trip to Spain had nothing to do with the interest of Real Madrid by his brother Paul. Subsequently, I would sign as a Tertullian of The beach bar, while still forging as a footballer in Ciudad Real. Their goals have covered covers in online media. And it is that the last name Pogba has pull. Beyond the spotlights, his head continues to think about football. Thus, He wanted to take a step forward by signing for one of the candidate teams to ascend to Second Division B. Of course, at the moment, it goes far: Lorca FC is seventh ranked with 32 points and is nine points from the fourth, Atlético Pulpileño. His alleged new club, however, has also been news in recent weeks. He dismissed his coach, Walter Pandiani, and, today, has an unprecedented management in Spanish football. Through the application Real Football Manager, the fans vote every week the initial eleven that they consider suitable and the club forms the alignment with the most voted men. The eldest of the Pogba, then, is in your hands.last_img read more

Madrid doubts what the return to Valdebebas will be like

first_imgThe decisions made yesterday by the Council of Ministers to face the de-escalation of professional sports By setting the deadlines for their return, they have not resolved any doubts about the terms of the return. At least, it’s the feeling within Real Madrid, which lacks a more exhaustive detail on how to restart their players’ return to work (both in soccer and basketball).For example, the doubts start with Phase 0, which begins on May 4 (next Monday). The caption dedicated to professional sports says that on that day there may be “individual training sessions for professionals and federated. And basic professional league training “. The club does not know if those individual trainings force only a small group of players to train, or how far They must keep each other in the training field or if the presence of the footballers for practice has to be spaced out for hours. Neither Zidane can decide what is and what limits is called “basic training”. The second question that comes to mind concerns Phase I, which establishes that the opening of high-performance centers is approved with reinforced hygiene and protection measures and, if possible, shifts. “And he adds that he will begin “average training in professional leagues”. In the famous CAR it is not known if they would include, for example, a professional sports city such as Valdebebas. And the “average training” does not specify the level of intensity or numbers of troops in the same. And the third logical and understandable question concerns the famous serological tests that allow players to exercise with the peace of mind of being free from COVID-19. Until a few days ago it seemed certain that the LaLiga was going to take care of doing it two or three days before training began. But now it is not clear if this will be the responsibility of the Higher Sports Council. In that doubt, day 4 is approaching, the day of return to individual training, and in the club they do not know whether or not they can give the order to their players to go that day to exercise in Valdebebas because they do not know if that possibility is included in Phase 0.AND Sergio Ramos, as captain, already made clear on Realmadrid TV the locker room position: “We are crazy to return, but we will not be able to do it until Health tells us that there is no risk to return to play. “The question is simple and direct: Is Health going to be able to guarantee footballers or any other labor union zero risk in returning to activity? The club hopes that during the One day the Higher Sports Council can clarify all those doubts.last_img read more