Solskjaer responds to Van Persie: “You inherited my number, that’s all”

first_imgThe disastrous United season has caused an open confrontation between two club legends. The current coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, has responded to the harsh criticism made by Robin van Persie, striker of the ‘red devils’, after the defeat of the team against Arsenal.Van Persie affected Solskjaer his behavior in the post-meeting interview, in which the coach appeared smiling. “I would like to see him a little more nervous, a little more cruel sometimes. He is smiling after such a game. This is not the time to smile,” said the exacting Dutchman. Premier League* Data updated as of January 4, 2020 Words that have not sat well with the hero of the United Champions in the Cmap Nou: “I do not know Robin and he does not know me. He probably has no right to criticize my management style and I will not change. That is definitive. He inherited my shirt number 20 and that is probably all that will take me away because I am not in medieval times, “said the technician at a press conference.last_img read more

“The difficult thing is not to play before 80,000 people, difficult is to operate a heart”

first_imgIker Casillas continues its recovery process. The Spanish goalkeeper suffered a heart attack on May 1 and tries to be in the best form to try to return to his job, defend the porter’s goal.The goalkeeper, when he left the hospital several months ago, expressed his gratitude to all the doctors who saved his life with a quick and effective performance and This Wednesday, Iker Casillas wanted to emphasize the importance of doctors in a small speech at the welcome ceremony for the new resident doctors of the São João Hospital in Porto. Before 174 future doctors, Casillas valued the profession of doctor regarding everything achieved by him in a football field. “The difficult thing is not to play against 70,000 or 80,000 people. The difficult thing is to operate someone who has suffered a heart attack. It’s dealing with the enormous responsibility of taking care of others, “said the goalkeeper.“This is an important moment for you. You will learn a lot and the most experienced doctors will show you the best path to this brilliant profession, “added Casillas, who is still working to return to play a football game at the professional level since the middle of last year.last_img read more

Zidane, the lord of the finals

first_imgZidane faces his ninth final as coach of Madrid on Sunday (7:00 p.m., Movistar). The Frenchman still does not know the defeat in height scenarios: he has won three finals of Champions (2016, 2017, 2018), two European Super Cups (2017, 2018), two Club World Cups (2016 and 2017) and a Spanish Super Cup (2017). Yes Zizou He managed to lift his second Spanish Supercup, would raise his tenth title as a coach and would be four to match Miguel Muñoz (14 trophies) as the most successful coach in the history of Madrid. The Frenchman accumulates 66% of victories (124 wins, 40 draws and 22 losses in 185 games) in Two stages ranging from January 2016 to June 2018 and from March 2019 to the present. A road of recordsMadrid have 15 consecutive official games without losing: the last defeat was in October 1-0 against Mallorca. We must remember that He was 40 games without losing with 30 wins and 10 draws between April 2016 and January 2017. Since then, this It is the best series of results in the history of the Madrid entity. Both milestones have Zidane as the protagonist. This is not new for the Frenchman, he is the coach with the most records in Madrid. Architect of three consecutive Champions (matched with Ancelotti and Paisley), Zizou also reaps the minimum losses in the first 100 games (8 lost games) and 60 games in a row scoring. Zidane follows in the wake of Miguel Muñoz both in titles (14 trophies) and in directed matches (424 in 15 years). If you beat him, the French would be the coach to beat. The eight endings of Zidane as coach CompetitionRivalOutcome Spain SupercupBarcelona2-0 and 1-3 The winning gene of Zidane supplied in the Champions League final in May 2016 against Atlético de Madrid in Milan (1-1, with extension included, and 5-3 on penalties). The comeback against the eternal rival, gave oxygen to the whites two months later: they defeated Sevilla 3-2 in the final of the European Super Cup. That wonderful 2016 was marked with a comeback to Kashima (4-2) to raise the Club World Cup. In less than seven months, Zidane had already won three finals. But the best was yet to come: Juventus thrashed in the Champions League final, June 2017, and back to work winning the European Super Cup (2-1 to United in Skopje) and that of Spain (1-3 at Camp Nou and 2-0 at Bernabéu al Barça). There was no way to stop Madrid from Zidane: only three losses from August to December (Betis 0-1, Girona 2-1 and Tottenham 3-1). The finishing touch to these good feelings was put in December 2017 by defeating the Guild in a new Club World Cup final (1-0). Zidane had already made his particular sextete, but there was more: his third Champions against Liverpool in 2018 (3-1). ChampionsJuventus1-4 European Super CupUnited2-1 ChampionsLiverpool3-1 European Super CupSeville3-2 Club World CupKashima4-2 ChampionsAthletic1-1 Club World CupGuild1-0 Spanish Super Cup – Semi Final – Valencia v Real Madridlast_img read more

When Setién was coach of Equatorial Guinea … for one day

first_imgQuique Setién appears as coach of Barcelona. In recent years he has been very exposed in the media by having trained teams such as Betis, Las Palmas, Lugo, Logroñés, Poly Ejido or Santander Racing, but surely few know that more than a decade ago he began an adventure abroad as a coach.It happened in the summer of 2006, when the technician was unemployed and received an offer from Equatorial Guinea, Former Spanish colony. The coach was fleetingly in office, coming to play only one match at the head of the team. They lost that match against Cameroon 3-0 and belonged to the African Cup. However, it did not last because of the lack of professionalism that the Federation at that time, as the coach himself recalled a few years ago in Public: “In principle, it was even an opportunity. Before Cameroon, despite not having clear concepts, he already had players who were good. In fact, I was there to sign a collaboration agreement with Logroñés as a former player who had been of this club. Then I had no job and they presented me with a proposal, ideas that seemed very clear and in which they always told me about a long-term project. I even brought Esteban Torre, to one of the people who work with me. We saw many games and many players, because I believed in that project. Or I wanted to believe, at least. But it was there, as time went by that I realized that these people had no intentions or seriousness or anything that seemed to sign a contract. I met one day with the president of the Federation and a relative of the dome, but nothing more. On one of the trips I had three days at the hotel without anyone showing up. That was definitive. “Since 1990, up to 26 coaches have occupied the bench in Equatorial Guinea, nine of them Spanish, being Angel Lopez (now in Dolphin), the one that has most contributed to the development of the national team and leagues by convincing Pedro Obiang and help base football evolve. Setien’s, however, was a chapter to forget.last_img read more

Mess between CD Manchego and Lorca by Pogba’s brother

first_imgThe CD Manchego Ciudad Real has issued an official statement, informing that Mathias Pogba is still a club player. An announcement that surprises, since, early in the afternoon, the brother of the United footballer and Lorca confirmed their agreement on social networks for the remainder of the season. A frustrated signing, but that could be developed in the next few days.Mathías Pogba keeps trying to relaunch his sports career in Spain. The player, therefore, wanted to break his bond with the CD Manchego Ciudad Real and become new player of Lorca FC. I would not change category: will continue playing in Third Division, but with the rise as a goal marked between eyebrow and eyebrow. However, the part of breaking his contract in the town of Castilla-La Mancha has been skipped in the process, which has caused the immediate reaction of his current club.“To this day, he still has a record in force with our club. We remain in conversations to solve the situation in the best possible way. Both the club that formalizes the announcement of the incorporation of a player with a valid card, and without a freedom card, as well as the player who extends the same announcement, are aware of that situation, ”explains the CD Manchego, perplexed at the publication of both announcing the signing.So much Mathias Pogba As the CD Manchego Ciudad Real They want to solve the situation as soon as possible and put an end to their link. However, they still do not reach an agreement and the striker, always according to the club version, has taken the second step before the first. The position of the entity, of course, is protective: “As we have been acting, We will ALWAYS defend the rights and interests of the Manchego Ciudad Real CD“. Pogba, a media signingThe forward has monopolized media outbreaks since his arrival in Spanish football last summer. AS chatted with him at the airport, where Pogba acknowledged that his trip to Spain had nothing to do with the interest of Real Madrid by his brother Paul. Subsequently, I would sign as a Tertullian of The beach bar, while still forging as a footballer in Ciudad Real. Their goals have covered covers in online media. And it is that the last name Pogba has pull. Beyond the spotlights, his head continues to think about football. Thus, He wanted to take a step forward by signing for one of the candidate teams to ascend to Second Division B. Of course, at the moment, it goes far: Lorca FC is seventh ranked with 32 points and is nine points from the fourth, Atlético Pulpileño. His alleged new club, however, has also been news in recent weeks. He dismissed his coach, Walter Pandiani, and, today, has an unprecedented management in Spanish football. Through the application Real Football Manager, the fans vote every week the initial eleven that they consider suitable and the club forms the alignment with the most voted men. The eldest of the Pogba, then, is in your hands.last_img read more

Javi Navas: “If we win at Madrid, I dye my hair white”

first_imgJavier Fernández Herranz (Las Navas del Marqués, Ávila, 2-6-91) is one of the Unionist veterans. It is his third season and he lived the ascent to Second B. He scored the victory goal against Atlético Baleares in the first round and gave Guille Andrés assistance against Depor. Javi Navas, end of Unionists. – With the bad start of the League, how important was the Cup?“We’ve always taken it as a prize, we were going to death every game.” We have faced two very powerful rivals, Atlético Baleares and Deportivo. We deserve where we are because we had to eliminate two very strong rivals.– He was in the lower categories of Valladolid, Osasuna and Getafe. What memories do you keep from those years so close to professional football?—Very good, especially in Valladolid. I spent many years in the quarry and got to debut with the first team. In Osasuna I only spent five months. In Getafe the coach of the first team was Luis García and he summoned me several times in the First Division, but he never made me debut.– What led you to make the decision to sign for Unionists in Third down a rung of category when he was already a player with experience in Second B?There was an offer to renew with the Izarra, but I had my mother a little delicate in the town. I wanted to approach home. Unionists called me, they explained their project and convinced me. I think I took a step back to take two steps forward now. “Will there be a cousin?”—If we beat Madrid it would be something unique and we all have to win. The club has said it would have a detail with us.“Have they talked about changing shirts or just thinking about competing and winning?”—We talk about everything, but we only think about being able to play in the Pistas against them and compete.– What about Navas comes only by the people of origin or because someone saw any resemblance to Jesus Navas?“It comes only from the town.” When I arrived in Valladolid the coach was Juan Carlos Pereira and there were three Javis. The one from Valladolid, who had been in the club for more time, stayed with Javi and the name of our town was accompanied by the new ones. I stayed with it and very proud to wear the name of my people on the shirt. “In Unionistas the managers work for the love of the club” “What differentiates Unionists from other clubs?”—Here there are some managers and a work group that do not charge a single euro, they do everything for the love of the club. They are fans that, apart from that, are involved in all the tasks you can imagine: condition the field, anything we need the players … They are very aware of us.– The hobby is a fundamental pillar. How is the communion they have with the stands?-Special. We don’t do it only when we win, also how we lose. This year has been very hard, because we have been down and colistas a long time. It was cold, it was raining, it was snowing, it was freezing and they were waiting for us to say hello. They have also been in the most difficult times and that is why they deserve to enjoy this as much or more than we do.—Many Second B players have to work or think about their future. How is your life outside the fields?—I study English and I am preparing the access to the university. In these categories you have to do more things besides playing football.“What do they tell you these days in class?”– That they are going to put us five and that they hope that it makes a good party. There is much hesitation.—The new single-party Cup system gives smaller teams more chances to surprise, but prevents players from enjoying the second leg on a big stage. Would you have liked to play at the Bernabéu?– Anyone would be excited, is what you dream when you are little. But right now I prefer to play it in a single game in Las Pistas. The few options we have to compete with Real Madrid are playing here. It will be very nice for us to receive Madrid in our field. “I know the field by heart, how the ball bounces and where there are holes” Javi Navas – The coach said after the draw that he only thought of Barakaldo, Real B and Alavés B, his opponents in the League. Do they have that mentality in the locker room? Does it cost that the visit of Madrid does not slip in the head?– In the locker room we don’t stop talking about Real Madrid, why fool ourselves.“Have you been asked for many tickets?”“Yes, many friends have come out this week.” I grateful, but it is impossible to have tickets to please everyone.– Has anyone made any promises in the locker room if they win at Madrid?“We begin by saying that we signed the extension, but then it has been encouraging.” Some have said that the date of the match would be tattooed. And I’m going to cheer up too and if we win I dye my hair white.“Well, they are specialists in tight finals.” The promotion was with a maximum penalty in the discount and the pass against Depor in the penalty shootout …—The philosophy of this team is that Unionists never give up. We have been seen since the first minute that we are in the club and it seems to accompany us in the most important moments. We ascended in 94 ‘, we eliminated Depor, we left the last ball of the draw against Madrid … It seems that we really carry that motto inside the DNA.YUSTE & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Unionist players celebrate with their fans the pass to the 16th of the Copa del Rey after eliminating Deportivo in Las Pistas.YUSTE (DAILY AS) —How did the raffle continue?“He was sitting in the front row next to Piojo, the captain.” Before the draw I was told that I was very nervous. It was a unique opportunity to face Madrid, Barça or Atlético. For us it is a dream to play against Real Madrid.– Some companion has already played against Madrid?—Yes, Gongora already played in the Cup with Murcia and shows us photos covering Cristiano.PEPE VALERO & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Juan Góngora, Real Murcia player, wearing Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt after facing Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey 2010-2011.PEPE VALERO (DAILY AS) —What extra does it give them to receive Madrid in Las Pistas with their audience?“It’s a field with irregular terrain.” We know the dimensions perfectly. It is a narrow field and they are going to be uncomfortable. I have been in the club for three years and I know it by heart. I know where to boot and where not the ball. I know how far there are holes.—As a Sanse player, he faced Valverde and Odegaard. How do you see your season?“Odegaard, in fact, scored a goal for us.” They were players who pointed different ways from the rest. One is happy and proud to see at this level in First to players who have confronted you so recently.– Which player do you identify with?—With Pedro León. I agreed with him in Valladolid and Getafe. He is a player who plays in the right wing, with a natural leg almost always. I think the greatest virtue I have is that with my centers I generate assistance. I remember agree I was young and live training with Pedro. He gave me many tips and I learned a lot from him.– Last year he did not score, but he has scored two goals in the league and the one who gave the classification against Atlético Baleares. What feelings does your performance convey this season?“A little like the team.” I go in an ascending line. It cost me to boot. When the results do not come out everything is more complicated. I am happy and I hope to make a great second round. I always have trouble scoring. The classmates tell me to knock more on the door. Let’s see if I can score a goal for Madrid.JMGARCIA / photographer & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Javi Navas, in the background, in the second round match against Deportivo.JMGARCIA / photographer (DIARIO AS)last_img read more

Ramsey: a false investment by Juve

first_imgJuventus has moved very well in recent years in the transfer market, managing to sign high level players at zero cost, for example Adrien Rabiot, Emre Can or Dani Alves. This summer has also arrived Aaron Ramsey, coming from Arsenal, after being free with the set gunner. In return, the midfielder He signed a contract until 2023 that placed him as the Briton with the highest base salary, with a salary of about 24.5 million euros. But his 777 minutes in 19 games throughout this season do not justify his salary. Much of the season has been lost due to minor injuries, and although Maurizio Sarri says it will be more important in the second leg of the campaign, the truth is that Juve plans to make a box with him, as it picks up Daily Mail. 8 A series* Data updated as of February 10, 2020 Selling the 29-year-old would mean a good injection of money into the coffers of the Italian club while lightening up a great salary, although it would be necessary to see if another club is for the work of approaching its card. Not being an indisputable holder means that the transfer poster can be hung up when summer arrives, since so far the two goals he has been leading do not justify his hiring. In any case, it will not be easy to find suitors, as well as that the player wants to leave at the first exchange without having demonstrated what he is capable of or knowing that the club that buys him would surely pay him less.last_img read more

Germany bans mass events until the end of August

first_imgGermany lived this Wednesday one of the first key days ahead of a cautious return to normality. Businesses with an area of ​​less than 800 square meters may reopen their doors starting next Monday; This was announced by Chancellor Angela Merkel after a meeting with the prime ministers of the federal states of Germany. Nursery schools and primary schools will remain closed for the time being. Yes, a roadmap is being drawn up so that those students who face selectivity exams this year or next can return to classrooms from May 4.Of course, the German head of state was blunt about all kinds of mass events. As Merkel stressed, those public events that gather a large number of people in a small space will continue to be prohibited until August 31. In this way, the Bundesliga is affected not only in the current season, but probably also during the next course. “The Bundesliga was not a topic today“Acknowledged the Prime Minister of Bavaria Markus Söder. Competition plans to meet again on April 23 to decide on a resumption of the German first and second division. “Our goal has to be to decipher infection chains,” explained Merkel, whose government will continue to focus on carrying out as many tests as possible, Main reason why mortality (3,500) in Germany is so low with respect to the number of infected (133,000). As for borders, they will continue to be controlled at accesses from Austria, France, Luxembourg, Denmark and Switzerland. The Teutonic authorities were surprised to announce that all kinds of gastronomic spaces will remain closed but, at the same time, they may open hairdressers in early May if they comply with a series of specific measures. “It is a fragile beginning of success”, concluded Merkel.last_img read more

“Barça have no financial capacity to bring Neymar”

first_imgJaume Roures, president of Mediapro, considers that Barcelona has no economic muscle to sign Neymar, as he stated in an interview with AFP: “The club does not have the ability to sign him. Now it is impossible. ““This crisis will affect the price of (television) rights in one way or another,” believes Roures. “So, No more paying hundreds of millions of euros for a player. First, because clubs will no longer have the means to do so, and second, because banks will not lend money to clubs as easily as before. All this will change and I think it is very positive on a social level. I did not agree that 140 or 160 million euros would be paid for having a soccer player. “ Mediapro will offer the French Ligue 1 championship starting next season And Roures says the coronavirus pandemic is not altering their plans. Mediapro hopes to get 3.5 million subscribers, at the rate of 25 euros a month. “At the moment, we don’t see the need to change anything,” he said. “We had planned to start the chain’s opening campaign in July; Now we don’t know if it will be in July or August, but, in principle, we are not going to change anything. “The channel must start broadcasting one month before the start of the 2020-2021 season, but It could be brought forward if Canal + and BeIN, the two stations that have the rights until June, could not assume their commitments. “If the conversations between the League, the clubs, Canal + and BeIN Sports come to nothing, or if there is a collapse, we will be there.”last_img read more

Kirsten Flipkens, arrested while riding a bike

first_imgThe tennis participant emphasised the disproportionate police motion, since quickly after one other bike owner did the identical as her and solely gave her a warning. “Fifteen minutes later, an acquaintance handed by and at that border submit she didn’t obtain a tremendous, simply a warning. Why? Okay, I shouldn’t have gone to the Netherlands and I made a mistake, however the police might be extra affordable and, above all, constant. “Flipkens’ amazement was extra evident when he noticed a publication by the Lommel police that claims you can cross the border in case your lover lives within the Netherlands. “Actually? So as a substitute of claiming that I crossed the border with out figuring out that I used to be in search of the shortest manner again to Belgium, ought to I’ve stated that I used to be going to the Netherlands to see my lover? “ Belgian tennis participant Kirsten Flipkens skilled a dramatic episode this weekend after being arrested by the police of a Belgian municipality even if it’s allowed to exit to trip a bicycle within the nation.On his Twitter account Flipkens relates how he put a random route that took him to the Netherlands and that, when he realized that he was within the Dutch nation, he tried to return to Belgium as quickly as potential. “I put a 130 km random run on the GPS and, throughout my departure, I entered the Netherlands. Once I realized it I instantly took the shortest manner again to Belgium. A bit of later the police got here and I used to be arrested as if I had been a prison. “last_img read more