LabourList readers would vote for a full selection

first_imgLabourList readers would vote for a full selection process rather than automatically reselect their local sitting Labour MP, our latest survey has found.Asked whether they would opt to trigger an open contest, allowing the local party to possibly deselect their current representative, 59% of those respondents who identified themselves as Labour members said they would vote for a full selection process. 41% of the members who took the survey said they would vote to reselect their MP.27% of all respondents indicated that they were either not a Labour member or that they were not currently represented by a Labour MP (and will therefore inevitably be given the opportunity to participate in a full selection, unless an early election is called before it is completed).Corbynite campaign group Momentum has launched a drive to encourage members to trigger open selections ahead of the next election. Under new rules, the threshold for kickstarting a full process is one third or more of party branches or one third or more of affiliated branches.LabourList readers also overwhelmingly support Labour’s new Brexit position, with over 78% agreeing with the decision to back a public vote and Remain against a Tory deal or no deal.Jeremy Corbyn confirmed in an email to members last week that Labour would back a public vote and “campaign for Remain against either no deal or a Tory deal”. The shift in policy follows years of pursuing an alternative plan aimed at uniting Leave and Remain voters.Responding to the latest LabourList survey, 78.5% of 6,454 respondents said they endorsed the new stance, while just 21.5% answered ‘No’ or ‘Don’t know’.Most LabourList readers believe Labour has done enough to tackle antisemitism within the party – and that an ‘auto exclusion’ rule for members with a “prima facie case to answer” on the issue should not be implemented.Keir Starmer and deputy leader Tom Watson have endorsed the idea of automatically excluding members in “prima facie” cases of antisemitism. But 60% of readers and 63% of self-identified members said such a rule change should not be implemented, while 40% of readers and 37% of self-identified members favoured the idea.For the first time since LabourList surveys were rebooted, John McDonnell has topped the poll of favourite shadow cabinet members. Keir Starmer and Emily Thornberry made up the rest of the top three.The latest survey saw 56% of respondents select the Shadow Chancellor as one of their three favourite members of the top team, while 38% chose the Shadow Brexit Secretary, who has always previously topped the poll.Rebecca Long-Bailey has improved her standing again in the popularity poll, swapping places with Tom Watson to come fourth.1. Are you a member of the Labour Party?Click to enlarge.Yes – 86.1% (5,554)No – 13.9% (900)2. Momentum has launched a campaign encouraging Labour members across the country to trigger open parliamentary selections.Would you vote for a full selection to choose your local Labour candidate or vote to reselect your sitting MP without moving to a full selection?Click to enlarge.I would vote for a full selection – 46.1% (2,973)I would vote to reselect my sitting MP – 32.5% (2,095)I am not a Labour member and/or I am not currently represented by a Labour MP – 21.5% (1,386)3. Has Labour done enough to tackle antisemitism within the party?Click to enlarge.Yes – 50.1% (3,234)No –  36.6% (2,360)Don’t know – 13.3% (860)4. Tom Watson and Keir Starmer have backed the idea of an ‘auto exclusion’ rule for members with a “prima facie case to answer” on antisemitism. Do you believe that Labour should implement this rule change?Click to enlarge.No – 60.2% (3,886)Yes – 39.8% (2,568)5. Labour has decided to back a public vote and Remain against a Tory Brexit deal or no deal. Do you agree with this decision?Click to enlarge.Yes – 78.5% (5,067)No – 16.2% (1,048)Don’t know – 5.3% (339)6. Who are your top three favourite shadow cabinet members?Click to enlarge.John McDonnell – 3,611Keir Starmer – 2,478Emily Thornberry – 1,787Rebecca Long-Bailey – 1,522Tom Watson – 1,496Diane Abbott – 1,352Angela Rayner – 1,253Richard Burgon – 1,088Barry Gardiner – 1,012Dawn Butler – 569Ian Lavery – 524Shami Chakrabarti – 439Jonathan Ashworth – 376Dan Carden – 279Andy McDonald – 215Andrew Gwynne – 179Cat Smith – 176Baroness Smith of Basildon – 156John Healey – 150Jon Trickett – 140Nia Griffith – 107Nick Brown – 85Margaret Greenwood – 63Sue Hayman – 59Tony Lloyd – 57Lord Thomas McAvoy – 53 Barbara Keeley – 39Peter Dowd – 37Valerie Vaz – 35Lesley Laird – 30Christina Rees – 26The survey was open from 12.30pm on Sunday 14th July until 12.30pm on Monday 15th July. The results are unweighted and from a self-selected sample of readers. Thank you to all 6,454 readers who took part.Tags:Parliamentary Selections /Weekly Survey /Antisemitism /Brexit /Trigger ballot /last_img read more

Distillations I went to The Blind Cat and learned to see

first_img Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter “The Blind Cat” used to be the “Dirty Thieves” tavern, but changed its name in 2011 after the owner lost a bet. Which all scans. But why change it to “The Blind Cat?” Is there a superstition about blind cats being good drinking companions? Is there a nursery rhyme about blind cats that I don’t know about? A prominent San Francisco family that has a blind cat as its symbol? What am I missing?There’s not even a cat in the bar. Even Eddie Rickenbacker’s, back in the day, actually had a stupidly enormous cat in the bar, but didn’t want to name itself “The Stupidly Enormous Cat” bar. For good reason. Fortunately there are no cat tchotchkes inside, which I’m grateful for. In fact, there’s still “Dirty Thieves” signage hanging from the walls and, walking in, this immediately strikes one as more of a bar you’d expect from a name like “Dirty Thieves.” It’s nicely divey. A gorgeous if worn long wooden bar stretches across two-thirds of the room, with lots of stools. The only other seats are a couple of booths opposite the bar: This is the sort of place where you’re almost always either sitting at the bar or standing near it. Past the bar, a pool table dominates the rest of the room, with two pinball machines flanking it. The bathroom, I would later discover, is terrifying. The urinal itself actually has painted graffiti on it, which is a level of cultivated bar bathroom abuse I have never seen before. A jukebox plays mostly blues for the entire time I’m there, which was just right. The beer list and specials — all beer and shot combos — were posted on various boards above the bar. Asking about the cocktail specials got me a rundown of the happy hour discount on well drinks. Which, to be clear, were very cheap. I asked the bartender, Kara, if there were any cocktails they did especially well, or that she did — could she make me the cocktail that most spoke to her? Her response was an apologetic look. “We’re more of a beer and shots bar,” she said. “We can do cocktails, but not interesting ones.” Which was refreshingly honest.So I ordered a Jack and Coke and settled in for an evening of absolutely nothing happening. The place was deserted. “Guess it’s not going to be a busy night,” Kara confirmed as she poured. “There’s a Sharks game on. I thought people might come for that. But it’s also a lovely day, and it’s still light out, so …” she shrugged and gave me my drink. Four bucks. Not bad at all.Denver Peterson slings drinks at Blind Cat at 24th and Treat.I was lost in my own thoughts as I sipped, but a moment later she was back. “Okay,” she said, “I’ve been thinking about your question … it’s got in my head …”“Yeah?” Some people accuse me of pulling an asshole move when I do this — isn’t working behind a bar already hard enough? — but I really like asking bartenders to make me a drink that represents the essence of themselves. At worst, they say “no” and understand immediately that I am a customer who’s more trouble than he’s worth. But when it goes right, it’s an invitation to someone to have a moment of shared creativity and humanity, and it has led to some of the best bar conversations I’ve ever had. “Yeah,” she said. “What do you like to drink? Do you like sweet? Bitter?”I shook my head. “I’m asking you to do it right, the way it should be done. And I never complain about a flavor profile when someone does that.”She scowled. “We just don’t have much here to do something like that with.” A moment’s pause. “But … there is an old tiki drink I like that we have the ingredients for. A jungle bird. Have you had it?”“No.”“It has Campari. So it has a bitter streak, and people either love it or hate it.”“Let’s do it.”“Okay.” She started to make it as a long-haired old-timer named Richard came in and sat down a stool away from me. He’s a regular — they looked at each other and beamed. He asked for a special. “Yeah, we’re not out of it yet,” she said, grinning, and they started chatting about how nobody’s here tonight. Not even for the game.“Were you here during the game when my TVs were shutting off?” she asked. “I’m terrified that’ll happen again.”“It wasn’t your fault.”“Yeah, but I’m on shift and the computer’s still down, so it doesn’t really matter whose fault it is.”That’s the way of the world, he agreed, and she handed me my drink. “Imagine it’s 1937,” she said, and I cracked up.The “Jungle Bird” is rum, Campari, lime juice, simple syrup, and pineapple juice. Done right, the sweet exactly balances the bitter. Kara is clearly more bitter than I am, but I still enjoyed it thoroughly. She checked back in on me about it, having a good enough time that I was invited into her banter with Richard, and now, suddenly, we were all drinking buddies.July 2014: A man near The Blind Cat, néeDirty Thieves, a bar on 24th and Treat Ave., saw me with a camera and offered to show me his San Francisco tattoo.They both have histories here. Richard first moved to San Francisco in 1995, and lived in the Mission: This was his bar. When his building got bought out, he moved away for a while. Later, he found a place in the Mission that he can live with (nobody was more surprised than he was) and his new place is even closer to The Blind Cat. And one of his old roommates sometimes bartends here now, so he’s even more of a regular today.Kara moved to San Francisco eight years ago, and lives in the Tenderloin. Bartending at The Blind Cat was her very first job in the city, and she met Richard on her first day. She’s worked here, off and on, ever since.“It’s a family affair,” Kara explained. And isn’t that what people want in a bar, Richard asks? “I can’t go anyplace else, because everybody’s going to be here,” and it’s great. Especially when so many bars in San Francisco are such terrible places to just meet regulars and hang out.“Every bar in this town has got to have a theme,” I said, repeating a complaint I’ve had for years.“It makes it so stilted, so artificial,” Kara agreed. “Are you familiar with Future Bars?” “Oh, God, they’re what happens when consultants make a techie’s idea of a bar for tourists.” I rolled my eyes, and we spend a nice long time insulting the company that makes some of the most successful “destination” bars in the city, which have great drinks and are designed to be seen in, not enjoyed. Kara asked what I wanted to drink next. She really wanted to make me another interesting cocktail, but felt stymied by the limited ingredients on hand. “Okay,” she finally says, “margarita. It’s the best I can do, but I can do it.”“And you’re good at it?”“Oh yeah.”“Then do it.”She is, as it happens, very good at it, and I had several more of these as the hours went by. As we drank, a few more people filled in, and Richard and I were are the social center of the bar: Anyone who wanted to have a conversation, stranger or regular, just had to come within talking range, and they were welcomed in. The Blind Cat doesn’t have tourists. It has people who want a bar that feels more like home than the places they live, and so, when they get together, that’s what they create. And it’s great, even though “home” is a complicated concept in San Francisco right now.“I really don’t know how I feel about being back in the city,” Richard said. “How the hell am I supposed to retire here? What am I doing, hanging on?”But nothing is permanent. In a few weeks Richard will be going out of town to move his mother out of the home she’s lived in for decades — a house Richard built for her, all that time ago. It took him nine months to make. Now, she’s too frail to live there alone. None of us are safe from the future, or Future Bars. Fuck the future: Bars are for the present. center_img Email Addresslast_img read more

RICHARD Beaumont will join Saints from Hull KR at

first_imgRICHARD Beaumont will join Saints from Hull KR at the end of the season.The 25-year-old prop forward has agreed a two-year contract with the club.A scholar with the Robins, he progressed through their system to make his Super League debut in back in 2011.He’s strong, powerful, tips the scales at 100kg and has a great deal of potential to go far in the game.Club Chairman Eamonn McManus said: “We’re delighted to secure Richard’s signing. He will be a welcome addition to our forward line that has not only gained more experience during the course of 2013 but has been bolstered ahead of 2014.“We’re sure that under the tutelage of Nathan Brown has his coaching staff Richard will do well for the club and we are looking forward to having him on board.”Saints Head Coach Nathan Brown added: “Richard showed a lot of potential coming through the system at Hull KR and will be a real asset to us next season.“He possesses a lot of size and will bring some real go forward to our pack. At 25 he is still developing too and we are looking forward to seeing that at Langtree Park.”Richard has played 13 games for the Robins this season.last_img read more

FIRST Utility Super League is looking to give the

first_imgFIRST Utility Super League is looking to give the most passionate Rugby League family in the country a week they’ll never forget in the build up to the 2016 First Utility Super League Grand Final.Do you attend matches with three or four generations of the same family? Do you follow your team home and away? Is there split loyalties in your family who can’t talk to each other on a match day when their teams play each other? Are you involved in a community club and all volunteer to keep it going? If so we want to hear from you!The winning family will kick their week off by being honorary members of the media at the official Grand Final press conference. They’ll get to ask the players and coaches any question they like.Not only that but you’ll be able to collect autographs and pose for pictures with the players.The week will conclude with tickets to the biggest night in Super League, the Grand Final at Old Trafford where you’ll watch the 2016 First Utility Super League champions lift the trophy.All you have to do to be within a chance of winning is tell us in no more than 250 words why you believe that your family should win this amazing prize.Prize will include:Attendance at the official First Utility Super League Grand Final press conference on Monday October 3 Overnight accommodation for two nights (one family room) in a central Manchester hotel on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 OctoberVIP car parking space in the players’ car park at Old Trafford on Saturday 8 OctoberOld Trafford Stadium tour Family ticket to the First Utility Super League Grand Final The Competition will run from 23 August 2016 until midnight Thursday September 8 2016. Shortlisted families will be notified by Tuesday September 13. The public vote will run from 9am on Thursday September 15 until midday on Friday September 23.To enter and for Terms and Conditions click here.last_img read more

SAINTS legend Cliff Watson has penned his autobiog

first_imgSAINTS legend Cliff Watson has penned his autobiography.In From Saint to Shark, Cliff Watson tells of the unique introduction he had into the game of rugby league in the 1960s at St Helens via a newspaper advertisement. He traces his career at club and international level in England – notching up nearly 400 appearances for Saints and a further 30 for Great Britain.And he describes his time at the Cronulla Sharks Club in Australia during the early years of their existence, culminating in their first ever Grand Final appearance, dubbed the ‘dirtiest final ever’.Watson won every honour in the game and was voted a member of both the Saints and Sharks dream teams. He describes many of the big games that he starred in, covers events that occurred off the field and talks of rival players he had run-ins with. He also deals with several previously unanswered questions relating to the controversial 1973 Australian Grand Final.Watson is forthright in how the Ashes were won and lost on his tours down under and is equally forthright in his views of why England continue to lag behind both Australia and New Zealand. It is a book that will be enjoyed by all lovers of that period of the game – often referred to as the ‘era of the biff’ – when every team had a hard man and Cliff, a skilful and fearless player, was one of the hardest!Available from the club store at £11.99.last_img read more

Carolina Surf Condos to be repaired costs could top 18M

first_img The building was evacuated in June after inspectors found significant corrosion that left it compromised.Carolina Beach Assistant Town Manager Ed Parvin says homeowners are working as aggressively as possible on repairs which could top $1.8 million. CAROLINA BEACH, NC (StarNews) — Two months after being condemned Carolina Surf Condos in Carolina Beach are still vacant. However, a decision has finally been made on their future.The StarNews reports homeowners have decided to repair the building, which is valued at $8.8 million.- Advertisement – last_img

Paranormal team tries to connect with sailor spirit on Battleship

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Here in the Tar Heel state we don’t have ghost busters, but we do have a group called the “Positively Paranormal Team.”“We like to set up equipment and try to catch spirits voices or apparitions on cameras. Whatever we can get at the time,” Matt Shelar, the team leader, said.- Advertisement – They are trying to find spirits on the USS North Carolina Battleship. The group visited the Battleship to find the spirit of one of the five sailors who died during an attack 75 years ago.The team says the ship is haunted based off of their previous experiences on board.However, they say these are friendly spirits lurking in different parts of the ship… acting as reminders of the past.Related Article: Insurance companies brace for risk of more claims with Michael“The battleship is most definitely haunted,” Matt Shelar, team leader, said. “It’s nothing evil that I’ve ever experienced but I’ve been on the ship now about six times and every time I’m here, I get some kind of evidence that the ship is haunted.”The team tries to communicate with the spirits anyway possible from using electro-magnetic fields to playing sounds like sirens and alarms that were played on the ship in times of emergency.They said sometimes, the ghosts will communicate back but any noises don’t scare these paranormal finders.last_img read more

Weather shuts down MLK Parkway I140 Dan Cameron Bridge

first_img According to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, I-140 is closed from Brunswick County to New Hanover County.A major crash has been reported on the Dan Cameron Bridge on I-140 near US 421 in New Hanover County. NCDOT says it’s closed east bound.Click here for current look at traffic.Related Article: DOT repairs sinkhole on Princess Place Drive in WilmingtonPolice say drivers need to use alternate route.Click here for current weather conditions.I-140/US-17 @ US-421 (Photo: NCDOT) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police Department has shut down Martin Luther King Parkway due to hazardous road conditions.Officers have responded to three accidents on the parkway in the past hour.- Advertisement – last_img

Power of the Purse event to raise money for teen health program

first_imgLouis Vitton Neverfull MM purse to be raffled at the Power of the Purse fundraiser on March 20, 2018. (Photo: Coastal Horizons) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — How would you like to win a gorgeous, new Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag worth $1,200 and help a good cause along the way? That and more giveaways are happening tonight at the Power of the Purse Silent Auction and Raffle.It’s the biggest annual fundraiser for Wilmington Health Access for Teens (WHAT) of Coastal Horizons. It’s from 5:30-8 p.m. at the Country Club of Landfall.- Advertisement – The silent auction features designer purses, accessories and a section just for men.Tickets for the event are $30, or you can make it a “girl’s night out” $100 for a group of four. Event tickets and raffle tickets for the Louis Vuitton are available at prior to the event and at the door the day of the event. You don’t want to miss this!WHAT of Coastal Horizons provides primary care and mental health at four school-based health centers located on campus at Ashley, Hoggard, Laney and New Hanover high schools.last_img read more

UNCWs Lumina Festival of the Arts happening until July 29

first_img00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave Settings WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Whether you like painting, opera or slam poetry, there’s something for everyone at UNCW’s Lumina Festival of the Arts.The festival is in its second year and runs until July 29 on the campus of UNCW. There are events for the whole family and most are at little or no cost. Office of the Arts Director Kristen Brogdon said the festival started as a way to celebrate the art and artists of the coastal south.- Advertisement – Some events at this year’s festival include Opera Wilmington’s production of Die Fledermaus, Alchemical Theatre’s production of Twelfth Night and a performance by Grammy-winning artist Rhiannon Giddens.For a full schedule of events, click here.last_img read more

Wilmingtonbased Full Belly Project meets Dr Jane Goodall

first_imgFrom left to right: Erasto Njavike of Roots & Shoots, Sanjay Batish, Dr. Jane Goodall, Deepuk Batish, Roshun Batish, Divia Batish and Sonali Batish. (Photo: Fully Belly) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington family got the chance to meet a world renowned primatologist while doing life changing work for children with the Full Belly Project.The Batish family recently returned from their second trip to Africa.- Advertisement – They were volunteering with Wilmington-based Full Belly Project which teamed up with the Jane Goodall Institutes “Roots and Shoots” program to install 10 hand washing stations at primary schools in Tanzania.This time they got to meet Dr. Jane Goodall and tell her all about the work they were doing with the small non-profit from Wilmington.The family matriarch, Sonali Batish, said, “We learned so much from our travel in Tanzania and it renewed our focus on environmental protection. As Jane Goodall mentioned, we are borrowing if not stealing from our children’s future when we take from the earth more than we can replenish. All three of the kids found their work with Full Belly to be purposeful, worthwhile work. They connected to a greater purpose as citizens of the globe. Thank you for making it possible for us! We are forever grateful!”Related Article: Deadly shots fired as kids celebrate nearby at back-to-school cookoutAmanda Coulter, Executive Director of the Full Belly Project said, “This project exemplifies our new mission. Not only are we distributing our products to communities that need them globally, but we are also giving our local community members the chance to make real, positive change in the world. As we always say here at Full Belly- Start Local. Act Global.”last_img read more

Brunswick Co lifts evacuation helps restaurants reopening

first_imgBOLIVIA, NC (NEWS RELEASE) – The mandatory evacuation for unincorporated areas of Brunswick County has been lifted, though many roads – including main highways into Brunswick County – remain closed.Road conditions are being updated at Citizens should be aware that many roads remain flooded or blocked by trees or power lines; some roads have been damaged or compromised by flooding. Citizens should never attempt to drive through flooded water. Those in Brunswick County who are not safe at their location can call 911 for assistance.- Advertisement – Brunswick County Health Services wants to assist food service establishments that are re-opening in Brunswick County. Food service establishments that only sell pre-packaged foods can go ahead and re-open. Facilities that prepare food should call 910-253-2150.As responders work to assess damage and clear roads, and utility providers work to restore power in Brunswick County, citizens should continue to take measures to stay safe:Do not attempt to drive through standing water.Stay away from flood water, as it could contain gasoline, bacteria, debris, or other contaminants.Check refrigerated food for spoilage. If in doubt, throw it out.Watch for wild animals, including poisonous snakes. Use sticks to poke debris.Never use a generator or grill inside a home or garage. Make sure these items are used in a well-ventilated area, away from buildings.last_img read more

Black History Month The History Behind Sea Breeze

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)- Amanda Fitzpatrick sat down with Barbara Dinkins from Sea Breeze to talk about the impact it has had on the community.Sea Breeze is located at the southern end of New Hanover County off of Highway 421 adjacent from Carolina Beach.- Advertisement – Dinkins says Sea Breeze is significant within the community because it was “basically African Americans, it was the only place that we had to dance and have a good time. We had things not quite the circus but photographers down taking pictures and we would sometimes have Sea Breeze Heritage Day to relieve good times that we had back then.”Dinkins also said ” Sea Breeze is known for having churches and selling tickets tickets to have hay rides to Sea Breeze.”For more information on Sea Breeze and the impact it has had on the community you can watch the full interview above.Related Article: Black History: Chef Rhodes is making his mark on Wilmington one meal at a timelast_img read more

Apps4Africa Winners Uganda Nigeria and Ghana on Top

first_imgAdvertisement Ffene (Uganda), Prowork (Nigeria) and SliceBiz (Ghana) have been announced as the winners of the 2012 Apps4Africa competition funded by the US government and the World Bank.The winners  who were chosen from nearly 300 applications by an international panel of judges were awarded $10,000 each with the possibility of top-up funds if the winners meet set targets.The SliceBiz is a web and mobile investment platform that uses crowdsourcing to connect promising startups with young investors in Africa, while Prowork is a web and mobile project management tool that enables businesses to create and assign tasks and track project status in real-time. – Advertisement – On the other hand, Ffene is a low-cost business management platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses simplify accounting, generate reports, and manage customer relations.The Apps4Africa 2012: Business Challenge is an Africa-wide competition to develop sustainable technology-based solutions aimed at youth unemployment.This is the third year the Apps4Africa competition has been run. It is open to any innovator living and working on the continent.The 2012 Apps4Africa focused on business and officials asked young tech developers to submit their business ideas aimed at solving local problems.“These young technology entrepreneurs—and the many others who competed this year—are the faces of a growing trend of innovative African start-up companies,” a statement released by the U.S. Department of State said.last_img read more

Three charged with theft of UCC documents

first_imgAdvertisement Three people who demanded a bribe of 600m from the UCC executive Director Godfrey Mutabazi, after stealing sensitive documents,  have been charged with theft of documents from Uganda Communication commission.This after prosecution led by Nelly Asiku told court presided over by Buganda Road court Grade I Magistrate, Simon Kintu, that inquiries into the matter are complete.[related-posts] – Advertisement – David Ogong, David Kironde and another accomplice stole UCC documents and later tried to extort money from Mutabazi. It is alleged that the trio committed the offence between June 3 and 4, 2013 at UCC headquarters in Bugolobi when they stole documents, contacts, minutes, invoices, internal memos and correspondences.Kironde is also facing a separate charge of impersonation. The trio wanted the said money in exchange for some sensitive documents that they had allegedly stolen from UCC.The case was adjourned to June 28, 2013 when the hearing will commence.Source: New Visionlast_img read more

Flappy Bird creator has new game coming this week

first_imgAdvertisement The incredible Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is back with Swing Copters, and it is poised to destroy your sanity.Touch Arcade was able to get its hands on Swing Copters and from the looks of its gameplay video, it’s tougher than Flappy Bird. The new game’s protagonist is a guy with a helicopter helmet.You navigate our hero by tapping on the screen. With each tap he moves left or right but is always moving up through increasingly difficult-to-maneuver ledges with hammers swinging back and forth. – Advertisement – So it’s vertical Flappy Bird with hammers flying at your face.Swing Copters will be available for free with ads and for $.99 on August 21 so cancel all your weekend plans.Source: TNWlast_img

Vodafone Uganda Partnership with the NSSF Career Expo are Committed to Empowering

first_imgVodafone Brand Ambassador Traveline Kezabu, a third year student was sharing her work experience with fellow Kampala International University students during the NSSF Career Expo yesterday. Vodafone partnership with NSSF on this cause is to inspire a generation of innovative, entrepreneurial and forward thinking young leaders with a can-do attitude Advertisement Vodafone Uganda has partnered with NSSF Uganda in participating at the NSSF Career Expo happening between 13th March till 25th April 2017 at 11 different universities country wide.The expo is a platform that brings together employers, recruiters and job seekers, with professionals in different fields to talk to the university students preparing them for work after university, and also share advice for careers that lie ahead of them.The Vodafone Uganda University Youth Programme is designed to support young people explore, realize and appreciate their potential and uniqueness. – Advertisement – “Our partnership with NSSF on this cause is to inspire a generation of innovative, entrepreneurial and forward thinking young leaders with a can-do attitude”, said Progress Chisenga; Marketing Director at Vodafone Uganda.Eunice Among, Head Corporate Communications Vodafone Uganda, inspiring Kampala International University students to ready themselves for internship and career opportunities, yesterday at the NSSF Career Expo. Vodafone’s University Youth Programme supports, equips and empowers young people to handle and manage the working world.According to ACODE youth unemployment and job creation report 2014, youth unemployment stands at between 64% and 70%, and about 400,000 youths are released annually into the job market to compete for approximately 9,000 available jobs.One of the reason for this influx, according to Mastercard Foundation 2015-16 Youth Think Tank Report, is the skills mismatch in which the formal education system has not produced hands-on skilled young people ready to confront the challenges of securing sustainable employment or growing a profitable business.Vodafone’s University Youth Programme supports, equips and empowers young people to handle and manage the working world – the Brand Ambassador programme is specific for university students, and aims at equipping undergraduate students for the workplace through internships, mentorship and special projects.A university student in the Brand Ambassador programme gains hands-on work experience, receives mentorship and leadership, enhances professional skills and has an opportunity to earn an income. Selection for the Brand Ambassador programme is based on, among other things, academic prowess and or leadership and social media influence.[related-posts]Traveline Kezabu, a third-year student studying Bachelor of Economics and Applied Statistics at Kampala International University who joined the Brand Ambassador programme last year in October, said she’s grateful to have made it into the programme where she is gaining the relevant work experience in the Customer service, Marketing and Sales departments.The programme is supple and allows the Brand Ambassadors the flexibility to carry on with classes without any clashes. She recommends the programme to all university students, the experience they will gain is invaluable.Vodafone Brand Ambassador Traveline Kezabu, a third year student was sharing her work experience with fellow Kampala International University students during the NSSF Career Expo yesterday. Vodafone partnership with NSSF on this cause is to inspire a generation of innovative, entrepreneurial and forward thinking young leaders with a can-do attitudeAt this year’s NSSF Career Expo, the topical issues on career development, employer expectations, career progression and job matching will be discussed.last_img read more

STAR PREVIEW Leicester v Porto

first_img[dropcap]L[/dropcap]eicester got off to a flyer in the Champions League against Club Brugge and can continue that good form against a Porto side who have never won on English soil on 16 attempts.The Foxes were poor against Man U at the weekend but had previously beaten Burnley 3-0 in the league and took Chelsea to extra time in the League Cup.Porto have had a reasonable start to their season and their Champions League campaign started with a 1-1 draw against Copenhagen.Leicester welcome back keeper Kasper Schmeichel who has been out for three games.It’s a landmark night for Leicester City and manager Claudio Ranieri said: ”It is fantastic for our fans.“A lot of them came to Bruges to hear the music. Tonight a lot more of them can hear it.“It will be fantastic to continue the fairytale for them and we hope to produce good football and a victory.”Leicester City v FC PortoUEFA Champions League Group Stage19:45 BT Sport 2 / BT Sport 2 HD / BT Sport 4K UHDHEAD TO HEAD RECORD(Maximum 10 matches)Never PlayedSTARTING XILeicester1 Schmeichel2 Hernández5 Morgan6 Huth28 Fuchs26 Mahrez4 Drinkwater13 Amartey11 Albrighton19 Slimani9 VardyFC Porto1 Casillas21 Layún28 de Almeida Monteiro5 Marcano Sierra13 Telles20 Brás André22 Danilo30 Óliver10 Valente Silva11 Adrián25 da Silva MonteiroLeicester to be winning at both HT and FT is the Star Sports play to ensure there is another chapter in the Leicester fairytale.RECOMMENDED BETS (scale of 1-100 points)BACK LEICESTER HT/FT 12 points at 7/2 with Star SportsPROFIT/LOSS SINCE EUROS: +66.83 points BET NOW WITH STAR SPORTS 08000 521 321last_img read more

JULIE COLLIER Irish Greyhound Derby SemiFinals Preview

first_imgIRISH GREYHOUND DERBY Julie Collier looks ahead to the Semi Finals on Saturday. LATEST STARSPORTS.BET MARKET<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> BET NOW or 08000 521 321last_img

STAR PREVIEW England v Czech Republic

first_imgWhisper it quietly, but in a time of national turmoil and anger, the England football team might actually be giving us something to cheer about.Eight months ago a nation was able to escape its troubles on the football pitch as England defied low pre-tournament expectations in a World Cup that surprised everyone, with a young side bonding together under the leadership of Gareth Southgate to take fourth place.Many will have fond memories of that summer, although those of a more cynical bent could rightly point out the fact that England perhaps should have made the final given the advantage they had early on in the game, when they dominated Croatia for the first half before losing control at the break, but it was still a much more positive tournament than most England fans can really remember.Perhaps the best thing about their sudden rise is that it does not appear to be a fluke. They were put in a tough Europa Nations League section but deservedly topped it, gaining revenge of sorts over Croatia in the final game to seal victory whilst also beating Spain 3-2 in a thrilling performance last October. The side is young and improving still, and it comprises much of the four English clubs who are all in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.Gareth Southgate also has plenty of depth to choose from, too. Trent Alexander-Arnold, John Stones, Fabian Delph, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Luke Shaw are all unavailable after being named in the initial squad, but Southampton’s James Ward-Prowse and Chelsea’s Callum Hudson-Odoi are very deserving of their late call-ups, with particular enthusiasm for the latter after a set of fine performances for Chelsea.Marcus Rashford is also a doubt for tonight’s clash thanks to an ankle injury but Jadon Sancho is a tremendously exciting talent who could get his first start if the United man can’t make it.Czech Republic are not the team that they used to be (the one which pleased many neutrals when making it to the quarter-finals of Euro 2004) but new boss Jaroslav Šilhavý does have some progress to build on, having finished second in their Europa League Nations Group and also took an away win at Poland in a friendly, to add to a National League success at Slovakia.Šilhavý does have an emerging squad which should improve and star quality at both ends of the pitch in the shape of Tomas Vaclik (Sevilla) and star striker Patrik Schick (Roma), whilst Slavia Prague’s progression to the quarter-final of the Europa League involved six players who travel with the squad.However, they look outmatched compared to an England side which is if anything, more progressive at this point in time and one that is also very strong at Wembley. Nearly all recent England sides have been strong in qualifying and Southgate has a record of 10 wins and four draws with just one defeat at Wembley.That particular defeat was an unlucky one to Spain to begin the Nations League campaign but they’re unlucky not to have had a 100% record since – they pulled Croatia apart from the first to the last minute – and they can be too strong here.England v Czech RepublicUEFA EURO 2020 Qualifier19:45 ITV 1 HDHEAD TO HEAD RECORD(Maximum 10 matches)AUG 2008 INTERNATIONAL England 2-2 Czech RepublicNOV 1998 INTERNATIONAL England 2-0 Czech RepublicThere isn’t much change from a price of 2/7 with for England to win in 90 minutes, so perhaps backing over 2.5 goals is the way to go. Their last three games have gone over and four of their last six since the World Cup.RECOMMENDED BETS (scale of 1-100 points)BACK OVER 2.5 GOALS 5 points at 20/21 with starsports.betPROFIT/LOSS SINCE JAN 1 2017: PROFIT 245.53 points(excluding Premier League ante-post and BREXIT bet)last_img read more