50 New Portable Childcare Spaces for Nova Scotians

first_imgCOMMUNITY SERVICES–50 New, Portable Child-care Spaces for NovaScotians More Nova Scotians will have access to help with their child-carecosts thanks to 50 new, subsidized child-care spaces announcedtoday, Oct. 28, by Community Services Minister David Morse. The minister made the announcement at the Nova Scotia CommunityCollege, Akerley Campus Child Care Centre, a centre for students,staff and community members that was recently enhanced withsupport from the Early Childhood Development Initiative(ECDI). “Quality child care is an essential part of Nova Scotia’s EarlyChildhood Development Initiative,” said Mr. Morse. “These 50 new,portable, child-care spaces, combined with the ECDI’s otherbeneficial and important programs, such as child-care resourceand referral centres, were created to enhance the support forfamilies across the province.” A portable space means a family can choose to use any licensedchild-care centre that provides full-day services. Parents cantake the subsidy with them if they move to another area of theprovince. These spaces are designated for children up to 12 yearsof age and are being distributed in areas across the province.There are now more than 2,700 subsidized spaces in Nova Scotia. “Through the Early Childhood Development Initiative, we arefocusing on family and parenting supports, healthy pregnancies,births and infancy, and enhanced learning and care for childrenso we can enrich opportunities for healthy development,” said theminister. “We, at St. Joseph’s College of Early Childhood Education, aredelighted to hear about the new subsidy spaces being madeavailable for the children of Nova Scotia,” said Jane Cawley,executive director, St. Joseph’s College of Early ChildhoodEducation. “This is a positive step towards the goal of providingquality child care to all families who need it.” The Early Childhood Development Initiative is a jointly fundedprogram that was developed through the federal-provincial-territorial Agreement on Early Childhood Development. InSeptember 2000, the federal, provincial and territorialgovernments committed to improve and expand early childhooddevelopment supports and services. The province of Nova Scotiahas already invested more than $12 million in the Early ChildhoodDevelopment Initiative.last_img

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